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We Buy Gold w/DJ Assault @ Birthdays, London - 31/03/2017

Event Review

We Buy Gold w/DJ Assault @ Birthdays, London - 31/03/2017

While making a bee-line into the basement of Birthday’s in Dalston, nose dragging me towards the smell of Vodka Red Bull—that no-funny-business, part-mental, part-hilarious drink—I suddenly become aware of the similarities between DJ Assault’s unmistakeable barrage of pumping ghetto-funk and that strange brew. “London: if you like to bang, make some noise!” Assault muses, with all the spunk and bravado of an energy drink’s strapline. 

Grand times were had—DJ Funk’s ‘Every Freakin’ Day’ and remixes of endless Detroit classics were played out for good measure. Though there were not too many curveballs or think-pieces here, and more hi-fidelity sound than one might expect from the ghetto-tech pioneer, this a was a sweaty, hi-energy, feel-good evening, with my sole discontent being that DJ Assault’s set was limited to one hour. Considering this is one of only two UK shows this year and the first for many years, some hardcore Detroit-heads might feel their thirst only tantalised rather than quenched. On the other hand, it’s very hard to complain about an hour’s unbounded, relentless fun. 

It’s that play-hard mentality that is so admirable about the ghetto-funk aficionados: “Remember: ass and titties for life” is the DJ’s final quip, inevitably prompting a sleepless night of introspection and soul-searching for the Dalston clubbers.


By Henry Johns | Loose Lips