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VHS¥DEATH - LOVE IS NOTHING (Peripheral Minimal Records)


VHS¥DEATH - LOVE IS NOTHING (Peripheral Minimal Records)

With a modern approach to Synthwave/Coldwave sonics, LOVE IS NOTHING is a nod to the Post-Punk paradigm with a foot in the Electro garden, which can be heard all over the album as well.

 From VHS¥DEATH's LA LLORONA (LOVE & ALL THE HATE) LP on Peripheral Minimal Records.

Out now on digital - Order: https://vhsxdeath.bandcamp.com/album/peripheral-minimal-records-debut-l-p-la-llorona-love-all-the-hate


VHS¥DEATH is the producing project, of Natalie Wardle (frontwoman of industrial/art-punk band Returning Videotapes). Dark synthwave, with a D.I.Y. approach.