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Vedana Records - V.A Conexões Vol. 1.


Vedana Records - V.A Conexões Vol. 1.

One of South America’s most exciting labels - Vedana Records returns with yet another stellar V.A. compilation. Founded in Santos in 2016 by Carolina Valdrighi, Rafael Aires, Rogério Soares and Thomas Moreira, they have grown into a global phenomenon - with a myriad of international artists partaking in this release.

With many of the tracks from its predecessor (Brasólia V.A) already featured on my label’s show on Threads Radio
(The microminimal takeover) - I was eagerly awaiting this new release. It is safe to say, that it does not disappoint. Much like the Brasólia V.A. it embodies the same signature groove and raw energy that is becoming the calling card of this São Paulo-based outfit.

The LP opens with the scintillating Agus Ferreyra - From Soulseek to Telegram. This track blends deep and punchy bass parts, jumping hi-hat progressions and swelling metallic textures in a stylistic homage to the 1990s origins of minimal - deeply influenced by the sounds of breakbeats and electro. 

The next track is my personal favourite on the album. AWSI - When I - spans intricate rhythmic sequences with a pulsating bassline, punctuated with acidic swells and ever-changing percussive elements. What I love most about this track is how it weaves between breaks and more standard-time progressions - keeping the listener ever-guessing. I can say there are moments that truly took me by surprise, and that is a rare and highly welcome trait for a track of its genre. 

Vibes - Cajal is prime peak-time material for those late night parties. Its entrancing kick drum sequences are complimented by deep & mystic bass melodies to great effect. The bouncing percussion and high-octane mood personifies the signature sound becoming synonymous with the São Paulo-based label.

Javiera Meyer- Nengümün is a genre-bending production - despite being 131 BPM, it has a soothing feel to it. Its lively percussion is infused with 303 sounds and warming synths. Stereo panning to the pads and percussion creates a fluid and mesmerising soundscape. 

ODEN - Tabel Barat combines an irresistible swing with drum breaks, jazzy plucked strings and uplifting chords. The Parisian native’s production is reminiscent of the quintessential French approach to making house music - often stylistically reminiscent of jazz and disco elements as much as electronica. 

Sharuko - Sospechas’ deep tech beat is peppered with sonic glitches, spacey soundscape and grainy pad hits. The dubby bassline, bounding hi-hats, and spellbinding vocal cuts make this one a perfect selection as you wind-down and approach the after-hours sound.

Vedana Soundsystem - Acidlhousan - Energy. This track brings it by the bucket load. Its potent beat is punctuated with synth stabs, glitches & entrancing vocal sampling. Perfect for peak time party pleasure. 

The name Vedana reflects a Buddhist concept of unifying physical and mental feeling. Vedana is interpreted by its founders as the “exact moment when the body is filled with the joy that only music provides.” This visceral combination of mental and physical stimulation is achieved in this album by its use of intricate percussion, immersive soundscape and stylistic variety to keep the listener guessing what’s coming next.

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