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VARS - Staub (EFNU04)


VARS - Staub (EFNU04)

Machines have no soul. Or do they?

Laptops, synthesizers, controllers, mixing desks, keyboards, effect devices. Connected via dozens of thick cables. Electric veins VARS is pumping his beats through. Highly focused on stage, human heart of a perfectly oiled machine/engine.

VARS is one of a kind. The exceptional artist succeeds whereas others fail: he transforms his heartstrings directly into electronic sounds. No fairground-techno without soul, no 130 bpm non-stop. Every note is unique, and produced with the finest technical grasp and instinct.

It’s the beginning of more than just a danceable beat. Somewhere between MODERAT and any other genre on this planet. VARS produces an infinite world of sounds, creates new horizons. His performance is extremely focused, technically and musically at the highest level – and at the same time, always surprising.

VARS makes the audience get lost in the sound, only to fling them into a parallel universe with the next change of direction. A farewell to boredom.

VARS is bursting with ideas that he uses to feed his engines/machinery. An emotional connection with the crowd provides the fuel for this high performance operation on stage. VARS isn’t satisfied, until all wheels smoothly mesh together. Perfectionism and potential, what an exciting combination.

By now also established acts like DAPAYK, who released VARS’ tracks on the label MO’S FERRY PRODUCTIONS, came to this conclusion. And while doing so he even contributed an awesome remix of the single “See THE SUNSET”.

But saying VARS rose like a phoenix from the ashes, would only do him wrong: his success in based on a solid ground, consisting of musical and technical knowledge that he acquired over many years. The multi-instrumentalist started playing the drums at the early age of ten. After arranging his first songs on the guitar, the enthusiasm for electronic music immediately followed. The southern German expresses his excitement by working as a DJ and Live Act, where he also benefits from his course of study as a media producer and engineer.

As VARS, he expertly assembles all of his passions into a captivating sound machine – with plenty of soul.