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Valerio's Top 10 Vanities

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Valerio's Top 10 Vanities

With releases on labels such as Variant Electronic and Shape of Void, Valerio here creeps through the gears into a flourish of high-energy techno...

And as a continuation of his Mix Series, Valerio has picked 10 tracks he dribbles over daily - ranging from full-on Techno through to classic Electronica and D&B. Here we go!

Aphex Twin - Iz us

This, I think, is THE absolute masterpiece! I don't think there is something that gives as much emotion and that is able to combine two different styles so well. It is simply Aphex Twin.

Overmono - Phase Magenta 

Fits perfectly in the style I'm focusing on in this selection. A hypnotic synth that brings in another dimension. Definitely perfect.

Dj Misjah & Dj Tim - ETA 825

DJ Misjah and DJ Tim are a classic duo from the 90s Techno scene, with the acid line that runs perfectly in every track. Perfect to place in the initial part of a set.

Lory D - Effetto M

Acoustic hallucination. The tracks speaks for itself; live a nightmare in perspective.

V-Room - No End In Sight 

This is a classic record that is reminiscent of the 90s. This is perfect to place in the middle of a set. Very dirty sounds.

Jeånne - the prudent sees dånger ånd hides himself but the simple go on ånd suffer for it

If you want to destroy a club, this is the perfect 4/4 track to do so. Influences from the ex-rave scene.

Burial - Hiders

I've listened to this track so many times but every time is like the first time. 

Flying Lotus - MmmHmm

I heard Flying Lotus unknowingly for the first time on a radio program. I think he is a genius who has given me many ideas on my musical journey.

Aphrodite - Stalker 

I think this record is known by everyone. "The serious vinyl pusher" ! I believe you'll understand.

Djurm - Broken Glass Arch 

An especially well-made record that I bring with me to many different situations. Full of influences. Really well done!