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V/A - Lesser Mysteries (Brokntoys)

Release Review

V/A - Lesser Mysteries (Brokntoys)

In esoteric lore, mysteries are divided into ‘the greater’ and ‘the lesser’, and this compilation on London’s Brokntoys label pays tribute to the latter. The label synonymous with serious electro cuts delivers a fresh batch of acid and braindance-infused tracks that evoke a serious, melancholic vibe. 

We are ushered into the Lesser Mysteries with Ben Cohen’s 'Entrance'. Ominous pads and an organic groove pulsate together and introduce the compilation’s sense of mystery, while the warm sound gently lifts the listener off into the initiation. Next up, suitable for shattering delusions and facing inner daemons, Monotoxine’s 'Positive Thinking!' picks up the pace with a distorted electro beat and caustic acid squelches.

At the midway point, 'Start Transmission' by Tharsis Shelter Unit calls for some synthetic soul cleansing. A psychotic melody introduces the heavy bass and ensuing beat storm, while a myriad of analogue synthetic modulations and samples keep the listener fully locked in the workout.

Penultimately, Stratowerx’s 'Zero Hour Dispatch' offers up this minimalist electro number. With its subtle FX and plenty of space for the lush pads and leads, this mellow, drifting number eases the ears and the soul, while the acidic tweaks keep it subliminally lysergic.

'Night Driver' by Furious Frank closes the lid on Lesser Mysteries. Suitable for long night drives, after-party chillouts and rainy Sundays, the spareness of the arrangement allows a low, stabbing bassline to come to the fore.