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VA - Gradients Vol. 2 (Astrophonica)

Release Review

VA - Gradients Vol. 2 (Astrophonica)

Astrophonica’s second compilation is a grand tour of the stylistic movements found in the stratospheric range of 160 bpm and above. Overflowing with heavyweight producers and exciting newcomers, Fracture has assembled one of the most killer lineups on this upcoming compilation, to be released on November 30th.

Moresounds’ ‘Shut Up’ is a pure weapon that begins with a flourish of half-speed drums that hark back to early Digital & Spirit bombs or Phantom Force before then blowing the listener away. The track makes good use of icy reverb, gnawing synths, playful jungle snare rolls and a great vocal sample. There’s just so much packed into this one.

Proc Fiscal has gained well-deserved notoriety in a short space of time. With his debut LP on Hyperdub earlier this year, which effortlessly blends the aesthetics of early grime with up-tempo riddims. Here, ‘Soundwise’ shows another side of the Edinbrough-based producer with this break-filled dub journey that echoes early Horsepower Productions with its eclectic sampling and off-kilter drum hits.

Spanish juker BSN Posse takes a different direction with a mellow sax number entitled ‘No Matter How Far’. With characteristic toms and hats accompanying a set of samples sliced with subtle precision, this refined track demonstrates juke’s evolution over the past few years.

Sully, described by Fracture as the ‘Modern Junglist with the golden touch’, forges another hauntingly beautiful piece of jungle that scratches all the right spots.

Finally we have to shout the most hyped track on the EP by genre-shaping wizard Luke Vibert.
‘165 303’ hits us with acid madness at breakneck pace. “When I do say acid, I mean acid.”

Oh, and here’s a list of the other artists included on the EP who we didn’t mention…

Om Unit, Machinedrum, Sam Binga, DieMantle, DJ Taso, Falty DL, ONHELL & Sigrah, Groves and, of course, Fracture himself….

Gradients Vol. 2 comes out on the Astrophonica Bandcamp on as a 3 x 12" LP and a digital album (with Riso prints and T-shirts also available)