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V/A - Ad Hoc Presents Volume 1 (Ad Hoc Records)

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V/A - Ad Hoc Presents Volume 1 (Ad Hoc Records)

Manchester’s influence on the world music scene needs no explanation. With its signature spirit marked by innovative forward-thinking, the city has a well-deserved reputation for creating and nurturing new talent and platforms, pushing artists on to new levels. Enter Ad Hoc - a label dedicated to continuing this tradition and showcasing the latest talent the city has to offer.

Their ‘post everything’ attitude to music is encapsulated in their debut release ‘Ad Hoc Presents – Volume 1’ – a cultural blend of percussive, soulful and experimental sounds. There is a refreshing variety and vitality in each of the four tracks on this compilation. Although there is no denying that the EP targets the dance floor, there is a multi-purpose feel to the release - its comfortable both in the DJ booth and living room. The final track, Kadampa 125’s 'Yadava’, demonstrates beautiful sampling work, and aptly embodies summer daydreams of long festival drives, or boat parties off the coast of Croatia.

Next up, RGB’s ‘Market’ presents a heady mix of carnival flavours, fused with a breakbeat that drives the track forward. This one feels more than just a straight two-stepper, which is reflective of the whole release.

Also, who doesn’t love a good saxophone sample nowadays - point them out to me! Chambers’ contribution, ‘The Gentleman’, has to be one of the most suitably-named songs I have heard in recent times, for all I seem to have in my head is an image of a man in a suit, sliding around a cerca 1950s wooden dance-floor in New Orleans - smoked out, full band on stage - you get the picture. The blend of sampling on ‘The Gentleman’ makes this the stand-out track of the release - for want of a better phrase, it just has that ultimate smile and feel-good factor.

The subdued tone to the release continues with Cervo’s ‘Hesse Groove’, which wouldn’t feel out of place on the Paris Club Music series. Sneaking, dipping samples snake their way around a solid break - the focus here is on the groove. The tight production offers that satisfying fix one expects from music of that realm.

This is a substantial debut release from the guys over at Ad Hoc, and I look forward to what comes next in “post-everything” territory.


AHR001 - https://soundcloud.com/adhocrecords/va-ad-hoc-presents-volume-1-ahr001

Released May 29, 2017