Loose Lips




Last week, Extreme Ultimate put out a storming split release, 50% of which is produced by nut job Dan Jones, aka UKAEA. Dan has been smashing out panic-inducing live brutalism, recently causing one accidental punter at a show to remark that he "must be lobotomised at once". His side of this split is 5 tracks of ruthlessly-banging and highly-effective techno, with a hard chromium outer skin, perpetually inhabiting that space where you never quite feel safe. 

Limited to 50 copies on cassette so check it ASAP! https://extremeultimate.bandcamp.com

We fired him some questions...

What’s UKAEA usually up to on a Tuesday night?

Messing around with synths and eating beans and/or toast.

What was the most challenging aspect of making these tracks?

Getting everything down with a good flow in 1 or 2 live takes for each track. I'm a bit fed up of hearing endless slick sound design in techno. I'd prefer to just fire it out, actually capture a bit of a 'performance' if you will, and keep the sharp edges and/or ropey parts.

What’s your favourite object to twist and torque upon?

A Synthesiser knob. The bigger the better.

First record you bought? (cheesey question ey’)

I think I was about 4 years old. I fixed her bike recently and she's actually well sound.

Favourite superhero?

Fuck knows. Captain Planet? Is that one?!

Favourite ever Gabba track?

What’s the most impetuous act you’ve ever committed?

On a comedown from Supernormal festival two years ago, I deleted every bit of music I'd made up until that time and started from scratch. It felt cleansing.

What’s your opinion on the cassette format? Let loose.

I think it's alright. Vinyl is expensive and CDs don't exist anymore. It works best in a Nova SR with big bore exhaust though.

Favourite dance move?

Dumbells obviously.

Tell us a little bit about what one can expect to come across at a UKAEA live performance…

It can be anything from me on my own playing records, to a live improvised hardware set, to a 9-piece with performers and other musicians. I think expecting anything specific is probably not gonna work out too well if you come to a UKAEA gig. Getting exactly what you paid for every time is fckn boring right!?

What collaborators are involved in the production of the music and in the performance of your live show?

Live, I've been lucky enough to work with excellent people in the fields of vocal, percussion, visual arts, performance, violin and live electronics. Some of these folks will also appear on the album later this year. Also, there are going to be a few collaborative EPs online soon that I made real fast with different folks. 

Name 1 producer you’ve discovered recently who’s inspired you. And why?

Ach, I enjoy keeping up with all the new releases but tbh I don't really get inspired by techno very often in a way that actually affects my own approach. Stanislav Tolkachev's stuff is always fresh and structurally interesting. Last year the thing that inspired me the most was that Gamelan Belaganjur record on Akufon. It's immense. 

Why Extreme Ultimate?

It's a great label full of weirdo music which doesn't pay much heed to genres.

Where can we next see you perform? And any other exciting news to share with us before we go…?

I'm playing some pretty mint UK festivals and gigs this year, but if I tell you before the promoters release the line-ups, then I'm gonna be in the shit tbh. There'll also be a vinyl album out on Hominid Sound at some point.