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TVNDRA - Back At It (Samurai Breaks Remix) (Bass Militia)


TVNDRA - Back At It (Samurai Breaks Remix) (Bass Militia)

Samurai Breaks takes us on a hi-energy mission across hyperbass/footworkian territories in this spin of TVNDRA's original!

TVNDRA's Interference: The Remixes on Bass Militia Records.

Out 26.05.2020 on digital - https://fanlink.to/bmr009


(Taken from https://threethousand.co.uk/we-premiere-tvndras-new-feature-on-the-latest-bass-militia-compilation)

After presenting their debut EP 'Interference' with Bass Militia Records back in October, TVNDRA have since joined forces with some of the labels heaviest hitters. Their upcoming remix LP, of the same name; presents a clear demonstration of the skill and prowess of the Bass Militia roster. Showcasing the true meaning of their multi-genre madness philosophy, the LP takes inspiration from all parts of the UK underground bass music scene and incorporates high production skill, exquisite sound design and of course... filthy bass!

The armoury is full and the militia are ready to unleash havoc!