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Tubz (M62)


Tubz (M62)

If you don’t know about M62, then you don’t know enough about the North West’s Bass Music culture. Over the past year or so, we have crossed paths with the M62 boys many a time and they always come through with their own unique brand of the 140 sound. Treece recently caught up with label co-owner and resident DJ, Tubz, to find out about the label’s root in Liverpool and what the lads have in store for 2018...

So Tubz, for the Loose Lips followers that are alien to the Liverpool scene, can you tell them what M62 is all about?

M62 is all about pushing local artists - those people we think need more recognition for the hard work they put into crafting tunes, writing lyrics or spitting bars. Liverpool isn’t really on the radar for grime, bassline and general 140 business. We started the label in January 2016 with the intention of helping to create a more lively scene - for the music we love in our hometown.

Liverpool has always been known on a global scale for its output in the rock and indie scene. You mentioned the city has somewhat been overlooked when it comes to 140 music, although Liverpool were represented in Red Bull’s Grime a Side this year. Why do you think the city deserves more recognition?

Even though we were well and properly represented at the Red Bull Grime a Side this year there are more than enough artists in Liverpool that should have the respect and notoriety that artists in other cities get. For example, Manchester is so close to Liverpool yet it seems to get way more coverage compared to us lot. I think we have as much to offer as Manchester does. I just think it’s a matter of time until we get our shine, seeing as over the past couple of years, Liverpool has started to build on the night culture and there are more artists pushing through onto events - such as the Grime a Side - which is definitely a step forward.

Your most recent release features northern producer and MC ‘Rakjay’, how has your relationship with him come about?

Meeting Rakjay came about at a free party in Preston a couple of years back now I think. I ended up somehow talking to him and a few other sound lads and from then on we stayed in touch. We got the ball rolling by sending tunes back and forth, linking up at nights and then eventually getting him to host some of my sets at various nights (including M62 events). Since hearing his production, I was determined to have a release from him at some point for the label; eventually we managed to get the ‘Can’t Get Away’ EP together.

Besides Rakjay’s ‘Can’t Get Away’ release that dropped on the 22nd of January, what can the people expect from M62’s label output this year?

We have two solid EPs ready for release, which we will be announcing sometime soon. These include tracks from local heads and remixes from household names in the UK Bass/Bassline scene. We are also set for a comeback with our club nights, after having a break for a good few months in 2017. Expect sick line ups full of vibes and loads of fresh local talent. You will also be seeing free tracks and other various bits from us over 2018, hopefully including us featuring on some festival line ups.

Safe, everyone should make sure to check out the last Tubz release on M62 as well!

On the topic of festival line ups, if any heads made it down to the Loose Lips Block Party stage at Boomtown fair this year, then you should know already that Tubz shutdown the whole Block. What gigs have you got announced so far this year?

Up to now, you can catch me playing at:

- Konoba Dub x Bass Culture - Sinai Sound System + Residents @ The Live Rooms, Chester (19/01/18)

- DJ Guv and Friends (M62 Bassline set) @ Constellations, Liverpool (03/02/18)

- Worried About Henry - Chris Lorenzo/DJ Zinc/Holy Goof/Hype + M62 Takeover @ Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool (16/02/18)

I’m sure there will be other upcoming events you will be able to catch me and the M62 crew at too!

Ok, so we know about M62, but what we really want to know is what the man and the myth Tubz is really about...so we’re gunna throw some quick fire questions at you so the Loose Lips faithful can find out a little bit more about ya illusive Scouse self…

Boxers or Briefs?


Trousers or Pants?

Trackies, 24/7.

Who do you think would win in a fight between a Beef Jalfrezi and a Chicken Madras?

Chicken Madras, any day.

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

It’s definitely related, I can tell you that much.

What bacci are you buying from the cornershop?

Cutter’s Choice, or 20 Lambert in an ideal world.

When it comes to wiping ya ass, are you a folder or a scruncher?


If you had to describe a scouser in three words to an alien, what would they be?

Sound as fuck.

And finally...if you could choose any MC dead or alive to vocal a track of yours, who would it be and why?

B Real from Cypress Hill - I’ve always loved his dark, cold voice and rich lyrics. Especially from older tracks, the album ‘Temples Of Boom’ are all classics.