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Tsunami Bass Sound System

In anticipation of the Shadow Zone : 011 : Loose Lips UK Takeover in Brooklyn tonight, we thought we should get some insights into the Tsunami Bass collective.

Describe New York’s dubstep scene in 3 words?

Up it’s arse.  

When do you first remember 'bass culture' music grabbing you?

ShiZaru.zoe: I first discovered dubstep at Burning Man ‘08 when spinning poi on deep playa one early morning. I got positively raptured by Wobble Mi Gut / V... and that was it: Satori. I realised I wanted to return to my early musical roots by engaging this genre with a live fusion infusion. Evidently, said appreciation requires a multi-sensory experience to properly appreciate, and that's how Tsunami Bass began. Had the vision then. Kudos to Scream & Distance. 

Andrew.Morphous: Club Love. DubWar. My first experience with bass music on a proper sound system and it changed everything. Engineering on that system provided a foundation for what a proper experience requires. 

How did the Tsunami Bass soundsystem and project first launch?

ShiZaru.zoe: After meeting in ‘09 and combining his affluent engineering and music production acumen with the vision for a kinaesthetic focused multi-sensory approach to the curation and engineering, together we established the herd and TBE~WaVe~. We've then grown it over the past decade into its current incarnation at the Brown Note BK.

How does ‘Shadow Zone’ stand out and differ from your other event brands?

While all are welcome to any show we curate, the Shadow Zone series is intended for the true aficionado of DJ focused EDM. Especially those who already know and appreciate the deep low frequency immersion big sound system experience we provide. Typically, the Shadow Zone events showcase labels or specific crews so we thought it was ideal for Loose Lips. In contrast, our Epicenter series, now approaching its 48th installation, or our Dead Crew orbit brand, features live fusion or a live PA focus. And we are always excited by the prospect of showcasing new genres that can avail of the full Tsunami Bass sound system experience. 

If people have never been to the Brown Note venue we’re going to be playing at on Friday, why should they?

The only body sonic discotheque in NYC! Full four point immersion, 140K+ Watts down to #5HzSoGood: Why shouldn’t they?!

Favourite tune of 2019 so far?

At this particular moment in time, Kromestar’s “Emperors Call” is tickling our fancy for something fierce. That 'shaking the foundations’ feel.

Three musical places you’d recommend as ‘must go-tos’ in NYC?

Tsunami Bass Brown Note

Lincoln Center 

The Met 

Would you rather drown in a tin of baked beans or hummus? 

Hummus whist enjoying a baked bean enama of course!

Most exciting up & coming producer coming out of NYC atm?

Oooh, not fair! Too many brilliant choices, even just from our incredibly talented resident faculty. Highly recommend all bass culture aficionados and check out the recent release “Golden Ratio Vol One” compilation by NYC based producers with the big speaker business on point.

Golden Ratio Volume 1 by Tsunami Bass 

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ShiZaru.zoe & Andrew Morphous 

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Tsunami Bass Sound System

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