Loose Lips


Release Review


Troy Gunner follows up with a killer second release on his new label Gunner, very much following in the same vein as the first record back in August, which saw the Bristol native operating in that experimental grey area somewhere between techno and UK bass music.

The first of the three tracks, ‘Stay Where You Are’, has the most classic techno sound of the bunch, with its stomping beat, chugging bassline and brooding, industrial atmosphere. ‘Echolalia’ continues in a similar style but with a much more broken rhythm and disorienting tribal percussion, before dropping back into a more relentless 4/4 beat in the second half. The pick of the three for me definitely has to go to the final track ‘Esperanza’ - its broken drums, glitchy sci-fi delays and pulsing sub-bass making this a tune I’m sure would do some serious damage on a big soundsystem. For fans of music on labels such as Timedance, Livity Sound and Ilian Tape.

Both the digital release and limited edition hand-stamped vinyl run are now available - hotly recommended!