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Treece selects New York Hardcore Punk


Treece selects New York Hardcore Punk

Loose Lips' Picks series has been all over the place in the last few months, with guests pouring their hearts out about entire worlds of music, such as Lakker member Arad's recent guide to youtube rabbitholes, and New York selector Nickodemus sharing his favourite soundtrack moments. Today we're aimed at a very different side of the big apple, as our own Treece lists his favourite tracks from the hardcore punk scene that rattled rock to its very core. 

This Is Hell - Memoirs

Found this one on a Glassjaw forum back in the day, was the soundtrack to the 13 year old me doing his paper round.

Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today

This track needs no introduction… Fall Out Boy cover is actually alright as well y’know. Hol’ tight the Tony Hawks American Wasteland gang.

Silent Majority - Polar Bear Club

Seriously slept on melodic hardcore band from Long Island. All your favourite bands like this one.

Glassjaw - Pink Roses

One of the best albums of all time, hands down. For the heads that know. Palumbo’s vocals…

Madball - Pride (Times Are Changing)

Where it all started, there’s a reason why Terror covered Madball on there most recent EP.

Buried Alive - Worthless

This really is one of them hidden gems, shouts to Lil Ugly Mane for the heads up on these.

Beastie Boys- Holy Snappers Punk

More education, believe it or not the Beastie Boys were punk before they met Rick Rubin.

United Nations - Serious Business

Supergroup made up of members from Thursday, Glassjaw & Converge.

Agnostic Front - The Eliminator

Possibly the best artwork and opening riff to any album. “Killings my business and business is fine.”

Reagan Youth - Reagan Youth

From the outside looking in these guys can seem racist, but those that know, know they were and still are anti-nazi, anti-racist and anti the lot.