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The Black Hole releases three year compilation


The Black Hole releases three year compilation

Brooklyn, NY — Attention, passengers! To celebrate the Black Hole's three year anniversary, Brooklyn-based collective ALKHEMY has brought together “some of the mightiest in the galaxy” of techno for this characteristically energetic global compilation. It is now available to listen and purchase on Soundcloud and Bandcamp via the collective’s imprint, Whirlwind. 

The cover art, inspired by the iconic flyers of The Black Hole in which people of color and women are showcased in a powerful manner, was designed by Detroit legend Alan Oldham aka DJ T-1000. The spaceship is now approaching the new era of techno, please mind the gap. 

Full list of artists:

138 - Los Angeles, California

Lonefront - Minneapolis, Minnesota

93Sovage - Paris, France

Paul Birken - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Aprile - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Scan 7 - Detroit, MI

AceMo - Brooklyn, NY

Sleep Engineer aka FBK - Columbus

Ohio Auspex - Brooklyn, NY

Tomas Kunkel - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Axel Picodot - Paris, France

Tunnel - Chicago, Illinois

Brecc - Utrecht, Netherlands

WarinD - Naples, Italy

Buzzi - Brooklyn, NY

WNDRLST - Rotterdam, Netherlands

D. Carbone - Naples, Italy

Xiorro - Brooklyn, NY

DJ Valentimes - Chicago, Illinois

YA - Paris, France

False Witness - Brooklyn, NY

IMNOTYOURMATE - Belfast, Ireland

Isabella - Boston, MA Kaylah - London, UK

Kurki aka Plural - Columbus, Ohio

Keepsakes - Auckland, New Zealand

Liquid Asset - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania