Loose Lips




It’s difficult to choose 11 tracks from the 67+ premieres we’ve put out so far without feeling bad about the rest. Each one of them is special and they cover a broad range of genres but I’ll have to omit many tracks which fall into the same category.

Also, I won’t include my own tracks which have been premiered, because it’s a pretty lame thing to do.

Rico Casazza - Yaman

Our very first premiere. This track, taken from his album of the same name on Archipel, is a very good example of his sound: danceable yet atmospheric and thought provoking. Rico has been making waves recently in Mexico and New-York, proving his sound can fit anywhere in the world without any problem.


Treece x We'll See – SNES CD (prod. Hyro)

From their Constructions mixtape, a track that dwelves into dark territories and benzo vibes. SWMS' Treece, We'll See and producer Hydro form a perfect symbiosis that propels their talented minds to another level.


Tippa Lee - Salute The Veteran

Released on Red Robin, a Kiwi label that focuses on recreating the Rub-a-Dub sound, which is a transitional form of reggae/dancehall prominent in the 80s. This cut features LA based / Kingston born and bred Tippa Lee, who’s been involved in the Soundsystem culture since a very young age and made his first recordings at the age of 12 at King Tubby’s studio! Legend!


Figure-Ground – Desperation

From their Out Of The Shadows album. Figure-Ground is a project from ½ Dronelock’s Alexander Church and ½ Ontal’s Boris Brenecki. Swaying between dystopian atmospheres and melodic futurism, this track builds up tension until it reaches a point where it maliciously unleashes waves of fury into your face. Powerful.


Dzeltenie Pastnieki - Sliekutēva Vaļasprieks

How’s your Latvian New Wave knowledge like? Yeah, same! 

Here’s a track issued from a compilation recovering gems from the past called Lentu Gabaliņi on Dark Entries RecordsThis oddball number from Latvian band Dzeltenie Pastnieki (The Yellow Postmen), was made in their home studio, using a ¼” reel-to-reel tape and compact cassette, just like all of their other productions from 1981 to 1987. It’s as captivating as it gets, this is quite unique. The chorus is somehow reminiscent of Syd Barret.


Quima - Ellébé

Released on welsh label Tapeday, which got covered in Zuzu’s Label of the Month feature.

On this track, Quima is taking IAM’s Né sous la même étoile and Sean Price’s Rumblestick vocals, processing and slowing them down over hazey lo-fi samples and distorted beats, this piece is short, simple and psychoactive. 

Also comes with a nice and trippy video:

Rommek - Doldrums feat. Aimee Mullen / Violin

A year ago, Rommek gained attention from Blueprint’s boss James Ruskin and released Moth Hole EP, which sparked an international recognition of his unique take on Techno. This year, he released Arcane on Ruskin’s imprint, pairing with violonist Aimee Mullen and digging deeper into more deconstructed rhythms and cavernous atmospheres, coated with processed violin pads and drones to create an immersive and amazingly coherent EP. 


Dilian - Louis Battleship (Mezzanine Swimmers rework)

And now for something completely different! Controlled chaos! If Throbbing Gristle tried to make some Trap and, in the middle of the track, decided they hate the genre and go berzerk, it would sound a little bit like that. That’s the closest I can come to describing this.

Or maybe this video will do a better job:


Ariadne's Labyrinth - Big Up Fussy

Recently got introduced to the music of Sharon Subbarao AKA Ariadne’s Labyrinth and got hooked straight away after listening to her Twists & Turns album. Her violin skills married with the Rephlex-style electronica backdrop feels completely natural and deeply psychedelic. Skin deep music! I’ve played out this track Big Up Fussy a few times on dancefloors and it works for the legs as well as for the brain: what Braindance is all about!


Quinn Oulton – Falling

Quite a recent premiere and such an addictive song! Quinn Oulton is a rather prolific South London-based multi-instrumentalist / polyvalent artist and this is his first release. At 21 he’s already found his sound; a blend of Jazz, Funk, Folk, Trip-Hop, ...

He also made this video for it:

Bernard Baum - Onra

Another recent one. This is an excerpt from his After album on Panatype, a beautifully soothing journey through heavily processed field recordings and blissful pads. You can check out a bit more about his music in the interview I had with him.