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T-Scale's 13 premieres dilemma


T-Scale's 13 premieres dilemma

There's often a heart-wrenching feeling when you have to choose a single track out of an amazing release and, in certain cases, a slight feeling of regret. Here I decide to take this task to another level by jumping on a bigger dilemma: choosing 13 premiered tracks out of 245+ tracks that have, for the most part, been chosen in a nerve-wrecking dilemma... Here they are:

1. Sharon Gal - Bloo (FMC33)

"Bloo emerges softly from the realm of shadows. It is Sharon's interpretation of the Blues, existing somewhere between a lament and an Incantation."
A haunting and eerily beautiful piece of music.

2. Flint Kids - Get Alsthom 1996 (KMT04)

Flint Kids, for me, make some of the best sounding music in terms of sound design and inventive rhythmical structures. He's a professional sound designer and this can definitely be heard on this track.

3. Masaki Uchida - Iris (After Affects)

"An industrial yet spiritual journey..." 
Japanese prodigyMasaki Uchida deserves a lot more attention.

4. Horton Jupiter - Smokin' The Roach (BAH044)

"This can put a smile on your face even if you're having the worst Monday ever."
This actually works for any day of the week. Simply brilliant and positive.

5. Stil Bizzy - Tril Bizzy EP (Aristocrats)

"Memphis Rap influenced UK Hip-Hop/Trill but also much more than that!"
A perfect blend of Lo-Fi / Hip-Hop. 

6. Rico Casazza - Oh My Lord (VAR033)

"Rico Casazza went all in on this one! An evil and invisible force that slides up and down whilst screaming in your ears, until you realise you've become mates with the devil."
Probably one of Rico Casazza's most out-there tracks!

7. MOEGLI - Eloquent Elephant (MANA005)

"Literally stomping on the china in the room! Intricate and addictive number, which is also somehow reminiscent of some of Otto von Schirach's work."
Slick sound design and extremely catchy Glitch-Hop tune!

8. Dadai Beatnik - Argonaut (SKOOP)

"A unique Mutant Grime/Soul song with powerful vocals."
Dadai Beatnik's amazing vocals combined with an effective instrumental. Replay value: a lot.

9. Vanity Project - How You Close (Clptrp 002)

"A woozy House cut taken from London-based producer Vanity Project's self-titled release on Claptrap."
That melody gives me goosebumps, literally.

10. Solotape - Deb (SE005)

"This makes it easy to lose any perception of time until you realise you've been staring in the void contemplating the subtly evolving elements of this piece."
Uncompromising, dark, mesmerising and full of character.

11. Dempa - Boson 2K-9 (BEEF087)

"Beauty and the beat. A captivating dancefloor track with some Lo-fi flavours."
For emotionally charged dancefloor moments.

12. J-SHADOW - Hypnagogia (C/C/S 2146)

"Shapes and forms start to appear in your inner vision. High-end technology lifting you up to another dimension."
J-SHADOW is a producer who created a whole universe through his particular sound design and his constantly changing patterns.

13. Monster X - RDK8 (COMBAT038)

"A solid block of energy that slowly decomposes itself into a frenetic sensory assault."
Nuff said!