Loose Lips

T-Scale - Prance For Me (RP001)


T-Scale - Prance For Me (RP001)

Atmospheric and quaking in its deliverance, showing all T-Scale's innovation and creativity. This premiere comes from the debut release of new London-based experimental label, Reposition.


'Spookz EP' is available on vinyl from the 14th April. Pre-order here - www.deejay.de/T-scale_El_Prevost…P001_Vinyl__264427



Loose Lips resident T-Scale is born and bred in Belgium, where he gained a chronic obsession for effect and synths design via softwares like Reaktor, Max/MSP or, his long-lasting fuckbuddy: Pure Data.

With a few releases and remixes on various labels such as Loose Lips, Reposition, Black Leather Records & mottomotto, he’s slowly showing the world his productions after two decades of making music only for himself!