Loose Lips

Sultan Shakes (FOLD)


Sultan Shakes (FOLD)

Medallion Man interviews fellow-curator, Sultan Shakes, following their night at FOLD this Saturday.

What does The Mover mean to you? 

Discovering The Mover was like finding the missing chapter in the idiots guide to rave.

How scared were you when I proposed the collaboration with Loose Lips?

I can’t help being intimidated about spending an inordinate amount of time with you. 

Please share 4 tracks from apparently different ‘genres’ which you feel all owe huge dividends to The Mover’s influence.

Here’s five which are blatantly influenced - from multi million selling pop tunes to cult classics…

Can you sum up what the gravity of that musical influence The Mover has had, is?

Without gravity Rave would be weightless. He brought a euro centric dismal symphony to the table - emotive tracks that crushed. He essentially divided the techno world at the time and went on to be the popular face of hard style. It doesn’t smear his influence - he opened the gateway for some serious noise, just so happens it got a little out of hand.

Why are you passionate about curation?

Curation fascinated me because I’m passionate about where music comes from. Through my own music making I’m constantly thinking about the spring well - where archetypes form ideas.
Certain music has a universality - everything I’m into hangs together somehow - curating joins the dots between these influences and puts artists into a real context for others to explore. 

Sometimes this means finding one artists ying to anothers yang - humans are always looking to complete the picture. Hopefully this way our audience discovers something new about the artist they came to see and are introduced to sounds they wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

We live in a musically saturated world - it’s our job to help guide people past the charlatan shite.
Boring curation is a curse - it’s especially frustrating when this results from ‘bums on seats’ bookings influenced by the number of Instagram followers… but when it’s done well new generations are inspired and new ideas form.  Progress innit.

Introduce us to the other amazing artists on the bill, and what their connection is to that bloody hardcore continuum?

M.E.S.H’s music is at the leading edge of contemporary rave inspired sounds. It has that digital deconstructed feel but it’s also symphonic - it’s the bridge between glitchy non club music and The Mover’s legacy.
Both abstract sounds into a dark brooding narrative much more than dance fodder. 

Having said that the new smash with Tzusing definitely does the damage and M.E.S.H.s
DJ sets are primed for the fist pump.Astrid Gnosis and Tremors are carrying the purist hardcore torch for a new hi NRG generation - extremely donking gabber and hardcore. 

Unafraid to portray it’s vulnerability, whether though pure anger or euphoria - this music is the yang to the underground techno ying. 

How much of an honour is it to play on the same bill as Medallion Man?

Speak to my agent.

What’s your favourite tune by The Mover?

Sum up your anticipation of Saturday in 5.5 words. 


FOLD x Loose Lips present The Mover + MESH
Saturday, 15 June