Loose Lips




Loose Lips speaks to Oscar Wilkins ahead of the launch of the Subsidise charity event taking place at Five Miles, Tottenham, Thursday 23rd May.

How did subsidise start?

Subsidise is a brand new endeavour created by myself on a whim to combine my two passions: music and positive social change! Really, it just came about from me knowing how to curate a line up and having a strong network of DJs through radio shows.

Can you tell us a bit about the idea behind your decision to start this charity event? 

I think London's underground nightlife scene is a vibrant as ever, despite growing difficulty. And it's important we use this platform, untainted by the powers that be, to really push for change. Art and social change has always stuck it to the man and music has always had political notions, whether you like it or not. 
While we don't aim to make our events overtly political, we'll aim to provide funds and awareness to people and charitable causes that we feel are not well reflected or supported by our governments.

Which charity is the focus of the first event?

Our first is for Shelter UK, a housing and homelessness charity, they have a base in Hackney and do a lot of outreach work in our local community.

Tell us about the importance of what Shelter UK are doing in London?

Shelter's work is more important now than ever; one in three families are just one missed pay check away from being homeless. Something I know a few musicians can empathise with too! Due to a poor living wage and a lack of affordable housing (especially in London) many people are struggling to find suitable accommodation. It's not just those who are homeless too; many live in unsuitable conditions, crowded hostels and unsafe spaces. Shelter estimates there are 131,000 homeless, or 'Hidden' homeless youths in the UK. For one of the richest countries in the world, it's just utterly unacceptable. Shelter not only provides support to those already homeless, but also to those at risk, providing advice, legal support and everything else needed to try and combat the crisis we see.

Tell us about the selection of artists?

We've got a top class line up of DJs who are tearing up London's underground scene right now, each and everyone holds this city (and naturally the cause they're all playing for too) close to their hearts. Nothing but love for everyone on the line up, we feel truly humbled to have them all down.

What type of music should we expect to hear?

UK funky, bassy breakbeats and some pedal to the metal footwork and jungle.

What challenges have you come across so far with running a charity event?

So far, not many! I would say the biggest challenge is trying to promote an event from a completely new start up, we're yet to prove our worth and without a base crowd promoting can be extremely difficult. Mr Zuckerberg makes it very hard to get the word about without spending heaps!

Why Five Miles?

Five miles and Subsidise share the same notion of how music culture can hugely benefit positive social change in the communities around us - they have been nothing but supportive. Also, they have one of the best sound systems we've ever heard!

What your best memory of an event there?

I remember seeing Randomer and Ben Sims go b2b all night and it was an absolute corker of a night.

What are the Subsidise plans for the future?

We plan to throw parties on a semi regular basis, with a different cause being selected for each, and a line up of DJ's truly passionate for the cause they'll be getting down for.

What other organisations do you hope to get involved with for future nights ?

Mind is one we have planned for the future, as mental health is such an issues in todays society. As we grow as a community we would like to be able to support some more community based initiatives in London. If you're reading this and wonder if we might be able to help please feel free to get in touch as we would love to hear from you! Big ups to Loose Lips for the support!