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Stil Bizzy - Tril Bizzy EP (Aristocrats)


Stil Bizzy - Tril Bizzy EP (Aristocrats)

Memphis Rap influenced UK Hip-Hop/Trill but also much more than that!

Welcome to the world of Tril Bizzy. Within the first track 'Mula' Tril reflects upon the forces of capitalism.
Once the interlude finishes this then progresses into a fight against Biz's inner demons within the final track 'Dudz'. 

Out 04.06 on digital - Order: https://aristocratsukhh.bandcamp.com

A video shot and edited by NineFive will drop on release date on Aristocrats UK youtube channel.
Watch that space!



The producer of this project does not wish to be mentioned as he is still on the run for numerous sunglass stand robberies. Various types of analogue hardware were used in the process of this EP in order to summon spirits. Swang.