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Spotify Playlist - Copenhagen Picks

Spotify Playlist - Copenhagen Picks

Our amazing writer and Anti Skate label head, Sam Karam, visited Copenhagen during the summer. We asked him to pick a few of his favourite musical discoveries.


Falling by Terry Tester

Terry Tester makes some sick instrumentals that are as equally nostalgic as they are forward-thinking. The samples used range from jazz to reggae, and the beats can be either slow and groovy or fast and clubby!

BSC by Anastasia Kristensen

One of the scene’s best techno ambassadors is Anastasia, and the variety of her productions is a good indicator of her great production skills. She’s got a knack for creating a special special atmosphere - the eery pad behind the growling melodic bass does exactly that!

I’ll Leave Soon by Uffe

I casually met Uffe when I went into Percy Records in the Nørrebro part of Copenhagen. He recommended some great records, and I saw him spin some great records downstairs at Culture Box. I later found out that I’d heard one of his songs in a Gilles Peterson mix years ago, and I’ve become very impressed by his discography. This track is a great introduction to his stuff, which he sings on!

Seascapes by Communion

I had been in a post-punk mood a few weeks earlier so I decided to check out the Danish rock scene! I think I found this band through a Complex article or something, but their EP was a good listen. Being drenched in reverb and muddy drum recordings is exactly how I recall my early teenage years...so they’re definitely doing something right!

Fantastisk Svært by Manus Nigra

I also came across this trip hop trio, who have got some nice productions and a sick flow. Those to me are a winning combination, even though I don’t speak Danish! You can really feel the soul in Lea Harder’s soft voice.

Nonuser by Ctrls

I’m a sucker for any kind of techno with a fast pulse and mesmerising electronics, so this track by the Copenhagen based legend is my top pick! Ctrls used to make DnB in the early 2000s, so it’s no surprise his production experience resonates well in all the EPs he’s put out for the Belgian techno label, Token.

Heated & Muted by Bjorn Svin

I’m really glad I came across this album by someone who’s been putting out quality stuff since before I was in nappies! This track has got melodic electro and techno vibes, which makes it a great quirky addition to a club set with no compromise on energy!