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Spektral Sound - Safe Haven (Keysound Recordings)

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Spektral Sound - Safe Haven (Keysound Recordings)

Hailing from Bristol, the duo Spektral Sound comes through with their deep, dub style release “Safe Haven” from Keysound Recordings. Expect showers of FM goodness, atmospheric hallowing pads, textures and deep bass tones. 

Their title track “Safe haven” opens with a waterfall of FM synthesis thats plays throughout, pinging and bouncing around while being modulated to become brighter and sharper, along side the addition of some great vocal licks and FX. The track is held together by a satisfying dusty kick witch suits the mood well. 

“Paradise” is intently more minimal in the use of synths, relying on vocal stabs with the classic dub style delay and the crunchy lo-fi elements resembling an old school sampler. It gets more intense as the track continues to build and drop with sounds plucked right from certain periods in UK underground music. 

“Silent declaration”, returns to the arpeggiated FM synth that breaks with some dark warbling bass tones and hard hitting kick triplets. The dark choir pad is extenuated by crunchy lo-fi tones witch continues to develop the space. 

And last, “Happy heart”, in a slight turn, the melody appears inspired by grime, while the bass growl runs  with what you might hear from DnB. This works as a good example of the duos representation of the melting pot that is the UK underground scene, nicely tied up by the atmosphere and the wall of hefty sub bass. 

Altogether, Spektralsound have achieved a amalgamation of different sounds from the uk underground scene to envision a future space that is fresh yet familiar.