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Slikback - Lasakaneku

Release Review

Slikback - Lasakaneku

A Pimp Named Slickback? Perhaps not, but the flare of Slikback's compositions just might compare. Chock full of bumping and booming kicks, polyrhythmic percussion, and snares that cross between dancehall, trap, and drill and bass trills, the album is a more-than-worthy display of the artist's rhythmic dominance. Equally impressive is the use of rather glitchy samples, both vocal and drum, to add to the ever-kinetic pace of Lasakaneku.

Hailing from Kenya, Slikback lends us a demonstration of their grasp on multiple genres, as previously stated, but all with an added personal touch of limited ghoulish ambience that, combined with the contorted, chopped-up vocals (prominently displayed on the somewhat misleadingly-titled "Acid"), affects the tone considerably. "Bantu Zen", despite its minimal and airy background, even rises to a tentative crescendo. Most of the production is invariably busy, brief pauses serving as breaths for further pulse-raising harmonic mutations. That being said, the experimental qualities of this release are respectable. The result is an intensely signature style of dark techno that leaves the listener engaged and coming back for seconds.

The only caveat is that this is also not a very synthesizer-heavy release. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be off-putting for some of the more melody-oriented crowd of electronic fans. Personally, it leaves me curious as to what Slikback could experiment with in further releases, given the opportunity. Even then, their music is filled with so many variously-pitched rhythms, it is arguably difficult to fit much else in. Given the chance, however, Lasakaneku is surely a gem for those accustomed to the more daring, syncopation-loving end of the electronic spectrum.



Released 13 July, 2018