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Skwirl - Attaché Case (SKRU009)


Skwirl - Attaché Case (SKRU009)

Berlin coterie Skrufix continue to bolster their steadily developing catalogue following up two mighty UK-centric releases from EDMX and The Crane. In for their 11th release is an EP from fellow Berliner Skwirl who slots neatly into the catalogue with a trio of daring and break-heavy club tracks.


Here we premiere Attaché Case, whereby Rhodes samples glide through drum shuffles and rough, rasping bass tones.

You can pre-order this Attaché Case EP at boomkat.com/products/attache-case-ep.



Skwirl aka Piers Caldwell, is a relatively fresh artist to the realms of releasing music, but is by no means a novice. He has worked on music for films that have appeared on the Cannes circuit, music for Theatre shows in Oxford, as well as scores for MIT and NASA.

Committed to an Electronic sound that is tough to pin down to one genre and relays the same energy that he brings to his daily life, his music clearly draws upon influences ranging from Jazz to Nu-Beat, Hip-Hop and intricate Electronica masters such as Four Tet and Akufen. Having released on a couple of labels (Moon Day/Filthybroke), he embarked on self-releasing an album in 2011 which he described as “one of the most mentally hard and rugged things i've ever done.” Having journeyed from his home of Wisconsin (USA), via two years in Oxford, to his new home of Berlin, his music has matured into an enticing and well crafted electronic soundscape that keeps you guessing and never disappoints.