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Silkie - Dont Dj For Free / Rhythm Junkie EP (Pretty Weird Records)

Release Review

Silkie - Dont Dj For Free / Rhythm Junkie EP (Pretty Weird Records)

Coming correct with a serious bassline, Silkie's 'Dont Dj For Free' really takes me back to my teenage induction into bass music. In this track, what stands out for me is the distorted and crushed wah-wah sound twinned with the infectious 'itch n' scratch' beats and cheeky 808 cowbells and you got a sure-fire dancefloor banger. The well-cut vocals add the extra an extra layer and forge the old-school US footwork flex with the juke-ish 808 grooves that really gives this tune a unique but recognisable feeling. After pushing through the first minute of bass warfare and you are soon confronted by some very very greazy, ice-cold stabs and arps that, personified, would be like some kinda 9th dimension hell-demon smiting you down with a serious broadsword — 'whipclang shupang'!

Flaming hot 'n' spicy, 'Dont Dj For Free' should be handled with care. 

On that side, 'Rhythm Junkie' holds the real lowdown sleaze of the release. Such a sassy groove could be played almost anywhere in a rave, at a beach bar, or even at a family gathering. This track has heaps of soul and emotion combined with that ghettotech-y kinda kick pattern and all the swung garage/soca/footwork drums makes for a track that you can't resist moving to. The funky out-of-the-blue stabs really remind me of early Phaeleh. Then. just when you thought it was all safe — 'OH SHIT!' — here comes the red-alert klaxon, doubled up with those snappy soca-style claps that really push the energy forward. But there's no need to fear the next pattern — 'Rhythm Junkie' doesn't turn aggressive; instead, it just swings back into that low-slung sleaziness you know and love. 

Well-crafted and full of emotion, yet still weighted down with that bumpy bassline, 'Rhythm Junkie' is almost techno, but it ain't...

Silkie - Don't Dj For Free / Rhythm Junkie EP came out on Pretty Weird Records on November 9, 2018.