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Silicon Scally - Omegon (ELECTRIX012)


Silicon Scally - Omegon (ELECTRIX012)

Carl Finlow returns with a double pack under his renowned Electro pseudonym, Silicon Scally, featuring tracks produced for the live set he performed to a packed crowd at London’s long-running Scand night at the tail end of 2017.

In Carl’s own words: “I used to use a real 808 back in the ‘90s but when I moved over to France it was left with it’s original owner, Ralph Lawson. My equipment was gone almost entirely apart from my Apple Mac, which I used to write ALL of my stuff for about 10 years. Over the last few years I’ve been experimenting with lots of different USB midi controllers and I’ve finally ended up with a few that really allow me to play around in real time with both my audio and midi parts and I created a setup where I can have full hands on control of two killer plugins, the D16 Group’s Nepheton 808 and Audiorealism’s ABL3 303 emulation. The main controller I’m using is the Akai APC40mkII which allows me to map a huge amount of knobs to both of those plugins whilst also giving me mixer faders and pads to trigger drum clips in Ableton Live. Alongside this I also use the Novation LaunchPad Pro to trigger all my bass, keyboard and fx parts. The two units work in really nice harmony with each other and they give me a huge amount of real time control over the live set.” 

Pure and undiluted electro!

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