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Scald Process (HTNLTD001) - overall album preview


Scald Process (HTNLTD001) - overall album preview

For the first time today, we are premiering an entire album preview, rather than an individual track.

Its the first release on a new imprint, Holotone Limited Series - invented to create a place for more abstract and deconstructed sounds.


Scald Process is released via USB Card on the 18th September, strictly limited to 150 copies.



Scald Process is a collaborative project involving Stormfield (Combat Recordings label manager and half of the band Fausten) and various live instrumentalists and vocalists: Liam Noonan (violin), Luxul (viola / vocals), Eden Grey (piano), Mar Del Corral (vocals), Marco Donnarumma (Xth Sense). The release is also featuring remixes by Death Qualia, Metalogue, Nonima and Errorbeauty.

Darkly beautiful, restless visuals and soundscapes within a massive fog of sub bass, Scald Process is heavily inspired by the likes of Scorn, Basinski and Autechre and the love for the sublime combination of beautiful strings over ultra-violent beats, pushing the extremes of harmonic noise but with a solid soundsystem discipline...combining string abuse, improvisation and distortion with gigantic subs and abstract technoid beat structures.