Loose Lips


Release Review


SANELOGY 4 track EP by Russell Burnell aka SANE is by far, one of the most INSANE Techno records you'll ever hear.

Released on the Belgian label Isope and being delivered on lush Turquoise vinyl , it's clear to see that a lot of thought has gone into this release, right down to the artwork and superb presentation with a Keychain and stickers to boot.

It all starts off with the absurdly named "The Burglar Wore Clogs." An unconventional journey of screaming synths, buzzy analogue twists and big brutal kicks, with the track sounding like an escaped lunatic who has broken into a keyboard factory; it bangs the hell out of your speakers and plays with your senses, a killer of a tune and unlike anything you'd normally hear.

The jerking dark mood of "Your Feet Hum" takes on a much deeper vibe but yet again Sane offers that bizarre twist of noise that makes you think "what on earth is going on?" as it winds its way deeper underground yet still holding a structure that chews the brain.
Sane's production on this mental record really is something else, the term wonky techno doesn't come close this is beyond the wonk.

Flipping over to the B side and you'll find the track "Thick and fast." Here we are taken on a trip of mangled machine riffs and complexed rhythms that tricks you into thinking its a 4/4 track but off the beat, you think it's a DJ mixing four tracks in and out, with it changing all the time and never offering a dull moment.  This tune is absolute nuts all the way home.

Finally we are  given a lesson on how SANE can produce real techno. Heavy bass undertones with warped out stabs, bleeping its way across a heavy pounding kick that demands you dance to the distorted snares and hi-hats that speak in Vulcan, this is Captain spock on acid, an alien form of music for sure.

10/10  We need more of this kinda shit.. honestly.