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Rowka - Deconstruct EP

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Rowka - Deconstruct EP

While Rowka may not be a name you may be too familiar with, I’d be willing to bet that if you’ve been to any decent techno event in the UK in the last year, you’ll have heard at least one of his productions or remixes. Miles Murgett, the Manchester-based producer has kept his nose to the grindstone over the last few years, working resolutely to create the solid base through which to conceive his fresh brand of techno. Producing since 2013 but only concocting his Rowka identity in 2016, Miles has quietly put his Masters in Sound Production to lucrative effect in 2019.

Initially picked up by JoeFarr through a highly-coveted remix competition, his propensity for forward-thinking techno was immediately apparent to most, and he was included in a compilation on the Bristolian producer's User Experience label. Fast forward to the present and Rowka recently released his sophomore EP on UX, with a new release already in the works. He also has releases forthcoming on Taro Extra, a Berlin-based label, as well as another one on a French label in the near future. We’ll keep the details vague so as to imbue a more mysterious air around this prolific producer’s machinations. His work has rapidly become highly sought after and the Deconstruct EP
demonstrates exactly why he’s become one to watch. Rowka’s latest release continues in the familiar UX vein of thumping industrial beats categorised by their grievously uninhibited percussion.

‘Deconstruct’ is an undulating monster, set forth by cascading hi-hats and alarm-like, acid-tinged chords. The urgency in the track is truly unforgiving, the crushing percussion taking no prisoners with its faux-militant manner. Next, ‘Source,’ is a crunchy, off-kilter amalgamation with an ominously aquatic feel. Oscillating chords pierce the complex percussion, conjuring a hypnotic semblance. 'Tenebre' tags in next on his sumptuous remix of ‘Source’. This electro refix gives the original a totally different character with an equally lethal capability. Finally, JoeFarr rounds off the EP with his own spin on ‘Deconstruct’. His version retained the fluidity whilst adding even more power to the doom-filled kicks and creating an arresting barrage of pure, weighty forcefulness.

The Deconstructed EP is an intensive entry piece for Rowka, sure to propel him further across Europe and, undoubtedly, the rest of the world. Keep your eyes peeled for sets from him at the heralded Corsica Studios and other top techno venues. Rowka is certainly a name set for increased forefront visibility, so watch this space.

Rowka - Deconstructed EP was released on June 27, 2019 on User Experience as a digital release.