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Resonance Series 7 - Helena goddard


Resonance Series 7 - Helena goddard

Welcome to this edition of  the 'Resonance' Series - a new feature, curated by Jasper Golding, about the interplay between art forms. A love for showcasing and sharing music is at the centre of Loose Lips and there are numerous ways in which this can be done.

Music massively influences visual art, and vice versa. This feature, running every other Tuesday, introduces you to musical individuals via their visual art first, telling a personal story of their creative output and how different mediums influence each other.

Whether it’s photographing the juxtaposed architecture of singapore or depicting the harmonies of beautifully designed interiors, Helena’s work absorbs the beauty of the world, internal and external with an elegant hyperreality. Helena makes the world her home and knows how to explore a city, building deep relationships with fellow creatives. Most recently she has been pursuing her drawing and tattooing in Berlin. 

The gorgeous interior work of helena’s ink and brush drawings come doused with succulent black pattern work and deep rouge tones, to step in to Helena’s drawings is to see her reality, she lives her drawings and draws her innermost feelings, the external and internal synergy is what makes this work so pure.  

Here are a few words from Helena:

'I’d say that my music and drawing do sit together in terms of mood and feeling. Sometimes the contents of a drawing could very much describe the mood of my songs. I think they definitely exist in the same world as they hold the same emotion and both come from a very personal place and they are both a projection of myself. However I think the difference is that music feels like more of a release to me so my mental state might differ from when I’m drawing or painting. 

Recently I’ve been painting mostly and also working a bit bigger than I ever have and my drawings have also seeped into giving tattoos which has just become an extension of my illustrations. 

In general I’ve just been getting very into painting and the tattoo world’s picking up again. Work has been going well, having nice projects here and there to keep me afloat. I’ve mostly moved towards personal projects rather than commission work as I feel my work is stronger this way. I’m feeling very inspired at the moment both artistically and musically. With music I’ve started to collaborate a bit and seek advise from friends who are musicians and It’s opened the world.'

Helena’s work assume the purest most sensual evocations of femininity. With honesty and soul she stirs up the nuances of reflection and allows them to settle on the page in sophisticated compositions. You can book a tattoo with her at: https://www.instagram.com/byhelenatattoo/ and buy a print at: https://www.instagram.com/helena.goddard.illustration/