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Regular Customer - Yeast EP (Little Beat Different)

Release Review

Regular Customer - Yeast EP (Little Beat Different)

Straight out of East London, where the music is live, the streets are cold and the avocado duth come on toast - comes Regular Customer, a producer grounded on Londinium soil. You might have seen him before. He's been around for a while. He's a regular here. He likes to shop. Regular Customer. If you want to know more, hit us up...we'll put you in touch!

The Yeast EP debuts on the label of previous Loose Lips radio show guests, Little Beat Different, and is the first release in their new 'audio' series. On this release, the four productions fuse finely-crafted textures and wriggling basslines with a characteristically laid-back house vibe; ultimately, much of the record denotes a hard-hitting four-to-the-floor aesthetic that is semi-consistent throughout.

The title track of the EP - 'Yeast' - follows a linear progression, around which the bassline wriggles its way around the box. Edgeless hats lead the way, with a brushed strum of an echo-drenched guitar occasionally coming to prominence. Slightly detuned pads guide the listener through the percussive complexities.

The next tune, 'Run Fox', is clearly a dance-floor prowler. Full of bravado, this driving number knows what it is and what it knows. For over five minutes the track changes continuously - cueing the song at different time markers highlights the strong variance in the patterns, though when played in a linear manner the track blends fluidly.

However, the stand-out tune on the Yeast EP has to be the 'Rest Remix'. Chicago house protagonist and Smart Bar resident, Garrett David, has put together a groove that swings well in combination with layered pads and unpredictable flourishes of sequenced notes.



Released May 30, 2017