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Plaster - Imaginary Friend (KVITNU 57)


Plaster - Imaginary Friend (KVITNU 57)

‘Transition’ is the new studio album from experimental electronic producer Plaster. With less emphasis on complex sound design, Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri (aka Plaster) has taken a more minimal approach using only analogue gear and hardware in mostly live and improvised compositions. The result is a profoundly moving piece of industrial sonics, full of depth and emotion and a perfect soundtrack to the uncertain state we find ourselves in today.

Our premiered selection, 'Imaginary Friend', attempts to deal with the post-apocalyptic debris...

The album drops 2nd March here - http://kvitnu.com.

Also, ahead of the release of the new album this friday, Gianclaudio Moniri has released a free Live Rack, based on the sound of the Moog Mother 32 analogue synthesizer!!!

As Moniri states, “I’m a traveller and I always need to bring my instruments with me. Sometimes this is not possible, so I decided to sample my Moog Mother 32 and other synths in order to create some Ableton Live Racks, which gives me the chance to bring just my laptop with me, without loosing the sounds that I love.”

Download the library for free here - https://plastersound.blogspot.co.uk/p/tools.html

Also, check out this recent interview & mix Plaster did here - https://www.tforgotten.org/single-post/2018/02/15/Interview-Plaster-Kvitnu-Stroboscopic-Artefacts---IT