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Pivovar - Eco (DELUXE043)


Pivovar - Eco (DELUXE043)

Our new premiere showcases the new release on King Deluxe, a label we were introduced to when hearing Your Gay Thought's stunning album. It was therefore an absolute delight when their new release, from Pivovar, popped up in our inbox!


Our premiered choice, Eco, is a sampled-based journey. The futuristic, delayed synth accompanies a constant skip between footwork and half-time rhythms.

The release comes out on the 31st March. You can pre-order here - http://store.kingdeluxe.ca/album/ho....



Hailing from Texas, Ryan Pivovar (formerly Jovian Path) now resides in Queens.  Last year he teamed up with Jacob 2-2 for the split EP Men & Cats, and this release is his impressive solo Deluxe debut.