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PICKS: Zé Salvador's '10 Fundamentals'


PICKS: Zé Salvador's '10 Fundamentals'

A rep of the Portuguese underground, Zé Salvador was a founding member of Carpet & Snares Records, which is now branching out into new fields. 

Ahead of his forthcoming set a Lisboa Electronica Musiculture 2018
(a 4 day event from 4 - 7 April which focuses on diverse label showcases), he's picked 10 of his all-time favourites...

The Persuader - What Is The Time, Mr. Templar? (Svek, 1997)

Not many people payed attention to this record when it came out on Svek, but once it got reissued on P&D, it started making the rounds through most clubs in the country.

Ricardo Villalobos - 808 The Bassqueen (Lo-Fi Stereo, 1999)

My first contact with Ricardo Villalobos’ music was through his record 'Ibiza 99' on Playhouse when it came out. To me this is the best theme from one of my biggest musical references. A few years later every DJ caught onto it and it became the anthem that it is now.

Daniel Bell - Baby Judy (Accelerate, 2000)

An essential track for me - every time I played it, people just lost it and that reaction is the same now as it was then.

Soul Capsule - Law Of Grace (Aspect Music, 2001)

I played this one a lot and its one of my favourite records ever. Every time I played it, I always got asked what it was.

Mathew Jonson - Typerope (Itiswhatitis Recordings, 2003)

I remember the first time I played this, the floor just emptied...but a few months later you could hear this track being played all over the underground clubs.

Visitor - Stop The Music (D1 Recordings, 2003)

Few are left indifferent when this is playing on loud speakers.

Tobias Freund - Street Knowledge (Logistic Records, 2006)

I first listened to this track at a party organised by Antonio Cunha from Kaos Records when Rui Vargas was playing. Less than 30 seconds into the track I knew it was a bomb.

Rhadoo - Aundi (Unanim Remix) ([a:rpia:r], 2007)

This track came on the second release of [a:rpia:r] and it was breath of fresh air on the circuit, heralding a new type of sound that is now widespread in the underground.

Rick Wade - Night Station (P & D Remix) (P&D, 2012)

Another killer track, I got to play it many times already and even included it on my mix for Steve O’Sullivan’s Mosaic Mix Series.


Daze Maxim - Farbfilm (Apollonia, 2012)

I first listened to this track at a Bloop party when I was still a member. It was played by Djebali and I was dazzled by it instantly. 

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