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PICKS: You Taste Like The Tropics' Playing Favourites


PICKS: You Taste Like The Tropics' Playing Favourites

You Taste Like the Tropics is a fortnightly show airing on 199radio. Rory and Chris dig deep into their collection of vinyl to play Italo Disco, Afro, Hi NRG, Latin Freestyle, New Wave, Early Hip Hop, House. They like the 80s!

Here are some of their favourite tracks described in their own words!


Steve Monite - Only You

Smooth and uplifting sounds of 1980's Lagos, never fails to put a smile on my face.

Blue Russell - I Wanna Fly

Hands in the air, sing along Italo Dsco banger.

Hard Corps - Je Suis Passée Club Dub

Perfect example of a 'dub' remix, teases in all the elements until you're hypnotised before smashing in one powerful chorus in the last section.

The League Unlimited Orchestra - Don't You Want Me

Stripped back, electro - instrumental version of the Human League classic, can't help but dance to it.

B Movie - Nowhere Girl

Love every element of this track, the long build-up, the piano coming in, the high speed drums, then flawless lyrics and vocal delivery.


Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy

THIS track!! The beginning starts with a signature intro of an old-school rotary dialling tone which will get knowing grins on the dance floor from those in the know....and then just launches into hook after hook after campy hook. I didn’t like the vocals at first, but eventually came to love this from start to finish. Cynicism isn't really possible with this track, as those relentless hooks just smash down any 'cool' defences any you might have, and you'll be swept along, eyes screwed up, pulling Hamlet poses like a tragic Hi-NRG New Romantic. Or that might be just me.

The Immortals - Ultimate Warlord

So this is not really an underground tune if you’re into Italo and it's not from the 80s either, but I love it for its ultra-clean almost translucent production. I love the way it chugs along, and the unusual wobbly ‘wub’ sound really tickles me. Also the voices are brilliant/hilarious/ridiculous, which is a formula for success in my eyes. A good track in my opinion is one which is weird or funny or quirky but also undeniably good, and this is all of those.

Kennie Jammin’ Jason & Fast Eddie feat Paris Grey – Don’t Want It

Wow what can I say about this record? Well for a start, Fast Eddie is my ALL TIME favourite old school house producer, and while this is not really indicative of his usual acid or booty fare, the percussion on this track is pretty much a blueprint for all the jacking house coming out these days, WHICH I LOVE! Anyway, as soon as that intro organ lead swells, you know you’re in for something special. This track is built like a tank and when it gets rolling it just crushes everything in its path. Paris Grey takes centre-stage telling a dealer that she don’t need no drugs, this girl is high on life, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I can’t really think of any other track which makes a hook out of listing all the drugs they don’t do, but that’s what give this record such charm. I love to play this at parties where those who aren’t on drugs get to feel smug and those who are on drugs also get to feel smug for different reasons. If you don’t like this you probably shouldn’t be at the party anyway.

Fascinated – Company B

Ok so I bought this originally for the dub, because the synths on this have a kind of golden shimmer which is really quite beautiful. But once I bought it, I was seduced by the sweet vocals on the flip, and it has now become my go to tune for sweet summer synth music. I still play the dub sometimes, because it utterly rocks and those golden synths sound so pure and uplifting and actually seem to float through the air. By the way, if you’re listening to this on youtube, do yourself a favour and get the vinyl. I’m always somewhat stunned by how it jumps out the speakers. It’s a gorgeous track and I could literally bump it all day long.

Shannon – Let the Music Play

I was a bit hesitant about including this track because it is pretty well known. This is my favourite tune of all time and I don’t even really play it that often on the show, because really it should only be brought out at the BEST moments of life. Listen to those massive beats. That fat 303 bassline. Listen to that diva sing with such heartfelt gusto. Listen to what she’s saying!! She’s been dancing with a guy and thinking they had something special, but when the music changed, he danced with someone else… If the music can just keep playing he will dance his way back to her….and they will be together forever, like they were always meant to. Have you ever heard anything so tragic? So naive? Ultimately deluded?! And yet this scenario is played out every Friday and Saturday night across the world. Seriously – anyone who can write about that has a fantastic understanding of the psychology of the dancefloor.

Not only that, the production is so so crisp, those 808 beats just fucking bang, the jazzy flourishes excite at exactly the right moment.

This tune kick-started Freestyle, which I’m a big fan of, so again, yet another feather in the cap. It shouldn’t be sped up or slowed down. It should be listened to from start to finish. It is perfect.

And her next single, ‘Give me Tonight’ is nearly as good!! It’s almost too much.