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PICKS: Yant's Playing Favourites


PICKS: Yant's Playing Favourites

Pulsing, bouncin', swervin' tunnel vision Techno. A crucial craft within the Loose Lips aesthetic, and one which has been honed by Yant, a DJ and producer whose work has been played in Fabric, Berghain. Bassiani, the Ritz Hotel's secret sex dungeon, basically everywhere important. We're very excited to share a few of this sesh necromancer's favourite soundweapons...


Easing in with a little something I might not get the chance to play often. It’s the Future Sound Of Melbourne. I am very particular with what I like out of the rave-style tracks. A lot of this rave techno out there at the moment doesn't interest me. But something raw and authentic, a little bit old school like this really gets me going. I first heard this at De School last year, I think it was Phuong Dan playing... Thankfully I found it!

One thing I look for in tracks is what I’d call ‘bounce’… not the type of ‘Wigan Pier’ bounce (although maybe that’s where my love for the bounce comes from)… But bounce wherein each element works so well together that they co-ordinate and bounce off each other. I stumbled across this a few years ago when I was on the hunt for music and it got me moving immediately, to this day I still have the same amount of love for this one.

Not many artists out there haven’t been inspired by Aphex Twin at all. He’s inspired me in so many different ways, there isn’t much ground he hasn’t covered. The wonky twisted synth line in this drew me to it, I really want to play this in a club soon, all at the right time!

A heavy hitter and one I discovered recently! I couldn’t go without adding at least one Deniro track here. Generally speaking, this is one of the more intense tracks in his catalogue of sound. But one thing is for sure across the board, he brings the groove with that raw and somewhat old school classy edge to his tracks.

The word I’d use to describe this track is playful; it’s mean but it definitely has an element of happiness and party vibe to it. The shuffle on the hats is like a cheeky little tease. I first heard this in Berghain last October during DVS1’s 11 hour closing which blew my mind, and this track stuck!

Flaws is a super talented young producer who really has his own vision. He’s 18 years old. As a person he really is at one with himself on a spiritual level, he knows where his head is at. As the owner of the label Platform 22, he’s discovering fresh music and pushing the sound he loves. It’s groovy, obscure and hypnotic. Anyway, this one I struggle not to play!

One of my favourite records that I own, and guess what… It isn’t 4x4. I like to throw in a few broken bits into my sets from time to time to switch up the mood and stop you from getting complacent while your eyes might be in the back of your head. This one is an alias of Oliver Ho, one of the greats for 90s techno. Most recently I believe he is most prolific under the Broken English Club alias.

For electro I seem to connect mostly with the deeper and more emotional tracks than the heavier tracks. Here’s one that really gets me, it reminds me of the feeling of being perfectly content with the winding down of a night, after being so happy with how a night has gone that you can be absolutely fine with calling it an end.

This is Jan from the Vision Ekstase crew, pushing the fresh 90s style of driving techno. The crew are based in Stuttgart and associate with the Lehmann Club. Shout out to David Lohlein too who also runs VE and recently joined the SK MAFIA (SK_Eleven/SK_X). Which is the label I released my most recent EP ‘Night Shift’ on as 001 and as the 002 release David provided a class EP on there. I have so much unreleased music from both of these guys, they are definitely some of the most talented around right now. Sending love x

To finish the 10 tracks, one of, if not, my favourite producer of all time – Luke Slater aka Planetary Assault Systems. I don’t think there is one bad track in his entire discography, going all the way back to the late 80s. This track is an all about the percussive powerhouse that just doesn’t stop giving! The intensity doesn’t stop.

This has been my 10 track selection. Of course there’s plenty more in the bag, and need to keep at least some special records a secret, so come down to Loose Lips to hear some of those and some incredible talent on the night – Bjarki, Inga Mauer, Aalice b2b Lucy Ironmonger, Yant B2B Kortzer!