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PICKS: Village Cuts Playing Favourites


PICKS: Village Cuts Playing Favourites

If you wander into Camden's Lock Tavern on a Saturday night (a night such as, oh I don't know, Saturday the 14th of July), you may be lucky enough to find yourself swirled up in an exotic pool of worldly beats. Village Cuts, the DJ-duo whose 'UK focused international rhythm refinery' regularly treat dancers and 199Radio listeners to a wicked range of afro stuff, uk funky & psychedelic oddities, have stepped up to provide Loose Lips with a tasty slurp of their sonic cocktail. Drink up!

Usatambe Nenyoka – Thomas Mapfumo & The Black Unlimited (Mabasa, 1984) 

A favourite from the Zimbabwean legend, who recently played his first gig in the country after moving to the US in exile 14 years ago. It means ‘don’t play with a snake’ in Shona.. wicked set warmer!

Simba – Qwasa Qwasa (C’est Quoi Ca?, 2018) 

This one is bouncy - fresh and fun sounds from newcomer on the scene, Qwasa Qwasa.

Music For Gong Gong – Louie Vega presents Luisito Quintero (Music For Gong Gong, 2007) 

Louie Vega’s take on a classic. Love the vocals on this one, so much energy!

Beni Lane - iZem (Beni Lane, 2018)

Fresh from iZem who’s been a favourite of ours for a while. Looking forward to seeing him play at Nova Batida Festival in Lisbon in September.

King Kong – Boa Kusasa (King Kong, 2018)

One to watch for the future, these boys bring the heat!

Vicky – L’Orchestre Special Liwanza (Vicky, 1976) 

Explosive African dance band from the 70s, bridging the gap between Congo and Kenya. Love the tight hi-hat patterns!

Avocado Dance – Sefi Zisling ft. Nomok (Beyond The Things I Know, 2017) 

Epic afro horns on this beauty by Israeli trumpeter, Sefi Zisling. The rest of the Time Grove stuff is insane too.

Adowa – Afro Dub System (Selected Works ‘12 - ‘14, 2015) 

West African tinged side project from Egoless. One of the best in new dubstep, and this one’s a killer!

Afra Kakraba - Gyedu Blay Ambolley (Sekunde, 2012) 

A legend of Ghanaian highlife bringing the funk!

Connecta – Swindle ft. Ricardo China (Connecta, 2016) 

Certified banger from the genius that is Swindle - We absolutely hammer this tune!

Make sure to check out Village Cuts' event this Saturday - https://www.facebook.com/events/176392056384697/