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PICKS: Torn Relics' Soundtrack To Your Recurring Dreams...


PICKS: Torn Relics' Soundtrack To Your Recurring Dreams...

Torn Relics’ live show feels like the view of late 1800s London one might have experienced whilst clinging on to the side of a moving train, grinding industry and human perseverance framed by clouds of smoke and soot. Or at least that was the vibe I got when I caught them in the cavernous main room of Berlin’s Griessmuhle last summer. The set was a perfect eye-of-the-storm breather from a night of powerhouse techno, with Rommek (who played a DJ set later on) bouncing on the spot infront of his synth setup whilst Aimee Mullen’s violin glided above the beats. Check out their EP below, and if you’re in Manchester this Friday get dowwwwwwwwwwwn to their show (alongside another mammoth live show from Schwefelgelb).

Needless to say, we’re enormously excited to share their selections, introduced by the duo here:

Flying in the clouds. Being chased through the woods. Making hot magic sex.  Robbing banks and riding off into the sunset....
These are tracks that will be playing on the radio, whistling in the wind and throbbing in your mind.

Bauhaus - Hollow Hills | Mask [ 1981 - Beggars Banquet ]

Drekka - Strika | No Tracks in the Snow [ 2019 - Dais ]

Godflesh - Flowers [ 1994 - Earache ]

JH1.FS3 - At The Bottom Of The Night [2019 - Dais]

Dead Can Dance - The Fatal Impact [ 1984 - 4AD ]

Cocteau Twins - Amelia [ 1985 - 4AD ]

This Mortal Coil - Sixteen Days [ 1983 - 4AD ]

A Certain Ratio - Crippled Child [1980 - Factory]

Stano  ft. Donald Teskey - Blue Glide [1983 - Scoff Records]

Cabaret Voltaire  - Theme from Doublevision [ 1984 - Double Vision ]