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PICKS: Tom Fug's Miserable Winter Evening


PICKS: Tom Fug's Miserable Winter Evening

Ahead of our gig at New River Studios TONIGHT (if you're reading this on day of release...), we've asked Tom Fug, who'll be performing alongside The Seer for their Eye+Fug duo set, to pick out some inspiring tracks...

"I'm terrible at writing about music (or writing in general - English is technically my second language, so I'll blame that). You might be best to ignore all the words here and just listen to the tracks. 

There's supposed to be a theme to these, but I figured rather than deciding on this before  finding tracks, I'd just prepare a playlist of tracks to listen to while I sit on a bus going home on a miserable British December evening. It's dark, wet and cold  - so maybe that's the theme. If not, hopefully something else will emerge."

Lakker - Maeslantkering Gating

Starting off a bit more high energy than i maybe should have. But this definitely feels dark and cold. Love these fast 16th note repeats on this one. Actually, walking down Oxford Street to my bus stop, trying to zig zag between all the other commuters and running to get the bus, I'm having second thoughts and maybe this was the perfect soundtrack to the slight stress of the first part of the journey home.

Roly Porter - Mass

Similarly to the Lakker track, this one has fast repeats of electronic percussion. But even without a more traditional steady rhythm, it's a much more calming affair.  It strikes a nice balance between ephemral pad sounds and noisy stabs.

Ploy - Roy's Rolls

More repetitive drums. Maybe that's part of the theme here. This time with what sounds like a djembe or a darbuka. 

Grischa Lichtenberger - 1011_27_#5b

I love how although the overall feel here is a steady halftime, the syncopated drums and fast repeats of the string-like sounds makes it quite uncomfortable. Definitely still fits the mood of the gloomy view from the bus window.

Regis - Blood Witness

Definitely the most "dancefloor friendly" track on the list. But feel it's keeping with the theme. 

Black Hat - Imaginary Friends

Nice droney start to this one. Once the percussive elements kick in, it's got some similarities to the earlier tracks on the list. Think I'm still good with this theme. Maybe the theme is not just the miserable weather, but the repetitiveness of my daily commute put in the form of electronic percussion.

Gazelle Twin - Anti Body

I initially picked a different Gazelle Twin track from this album that I really liked here (I Feel Blood), but eventually realised this one seems to fit much better with the other tracks here. Again with the repetitive stabs!

Puce Mary - Fragments of a Lily

Getting a bit noisier again. Feel like I'm running out of things to say about these tracks without repeating the same words.

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe - Audoghast

Yup, not going to be able to avoid using words like "cold" and "dark" again, although this track manages to blend that with a bit more of an uplifting feel. 

Deathprod - Dead People's Things

I tried to avoid really long tracks for this list, but feel like this one is quite fitting as the last track. Quite a beautiful track this one. Probably as happy an ending I could do while sticking with the theme. Whatever that was...