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PICKS: Safejas' Electronic Inspirations


PICKS: Safejas' Electronic Inspirations

This month’s PICKS feature comes from Safejas, a Berlin-based producer with a warm, explorative aesthetic, whose music treads the emotional fringes of electronic music. His debut single Eyeline Inspector feels like it’s brooding over the memory of the dancefloor, whilst crucially being distant and somehow detached from it. Its a piece of music not aimed squarely at the club, but rather recalls the early-morning tinge of the journey back from it, when the embers of the night are still gently smouldering. All Spotify-able tracks are gathered in this playlist, enjoy!

I wanted this selection to cover a bit of a range - from tracks that inspired me to start making this kind of music, to tracks that more directly inspired my first release, and then some that I’m obsessing over right now as I’m working on new stuff.

I heard this track for the first time in my second year of uni when I was starting to get really interested in electronic music. I felt really immersed in it - like it kinda took me somewhere new. It’s so dynamic, weirdly laid out, ethereal and imaginative.

The bass guitar in this track really gets me. I think it makes the whole thing just feel a bit unstable and gritty. Someone put this film montage together for it too, which fits super nicely. 

From my favourite OPN record. I love the vocal tones, the weird anti-groove energy and the release around 2 minutes, where it feels like suddenly being underwater. Choppy and surreal. 

I got really into Space Afrika last year and have found myself obsessing over them since. Their textures feel really unique and unusual. Super evocative.

Really hard to pick a favourite track from this EP, really intimate vibes throughout. This track feels especially vivid. Reminds me of a dream about a cave with stalactites everywhere, and they’re fluctuating in size and shape. 

Maybe too classic… but I couldn’t leave it out. Really big influence on my own productions.

This is just such a trip. There’s really classic elements in there but they’re convoluted in such an interesting way.


Hardcore techno from Tehran. Raw, hectic and aggressive. Restless and really hard. Hits the spot.

Really hypnotic, I love the gradual textural build of this track and the bass feels great.

This is just magic. Vivid sonic worlds that you get lost in. A synthesised exploration into the sonic environment of his home in British Vancouver. His press release describes the tracks as “a way to access the ambiguous emotional content latent in the natural world”.

Safejas’ debut release ‘Eyeline Inspector’ (WOE Records) is out everywhere now!