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PICKS: GAMESHARK™'s 'Songs To Icefish To'


PICKS: GAMESHARK™'s 'Songs To Icefish To'

Last week, Quanta Records released SHARK 4 お歯黒, Echo Hazard’s fourth album under the name GAMESHARKTM, as the much awaited second entry on the label’s Particules series.

With SHARK 4 お歯黒, Echo carries on with the exploration of radically different sounds. This release is dedicated to flashcore, a French underground movement theorised and defined by Laurent Mialon (otherwise known as La Peste) as “the spatial and temporal conception of air landscapes of which ‘sonic atoms’ are being controlled with the exclusive aim of making us explore our minds and perceive any kind of transcendence” (extract from Hangars Liquides manifesto).

While Echo follows the genre’s main frameworks through the use of powerful softwares to “shorten the time it takes for mental images to come and to invert new forms of mental representations”, she also injects a deeply personal touch by ingeniously curating a large variety of samples and transforming them until they reach mind-boggling heights. Most of the SHARK 4 お歯黒 tracks heavily rely on both live manipulations and improvisation. The unforeseeable nature of this process encourages the listeners to cherish the unexpected and to welcome a new disruptive state of mind.

To get to know Echo a little better, we invited her to pick 10 tracks on a theme of her choice...

Rezzett - Yunus in Ekstasi

Probably my favourite album of the year so far, and probably his best work to date. This track harks back to oldskool Aphex ambience in a great way.


Varg - Skaeliptom

Hard not to think of the Northern Electronics wizard when compiling cold techno - it's pretty much his modus operandi at this point. This album I still think is his most consistent to date.

Wax - No. 30003 (B)

I'm a sucker for obscure white label shit, and that's Wax's whole dynamic. Some great classic snyth plucks and ryhthms on this wax track.

Ø - Obscura 1

A bit faster here but with a really simple, sublime bass and rhythm structure that keeps you kicking. The sampling really works wonders.

Netherworld - Dry Andes

Another that needs no introduction - this whole album is one of the most perfect pieces of cold music you can find.

Truss - Beacon

A recent find thanks to YouTube of all places - just clicked it one day and really been vibing on its rattly structure since.

Function - Disaffected

Fuzzy, buzzy acid without being too mechanical. Has some great atmospheres behind it all.

Cliff Lothar - Murked Out

The label name alone somewhat describes the sound; "skudge" - not quite sludge and not quite scummy, but somewhere inbetween. Excellent sampling here too, and the bass really bangs.

Saab Knutson - Me and Your Shadow

A slight detour from the techno route to a Legowelt side project that covers two of my favourite things - sharks and cold climates (not to mention the music itself!).

Gas - Königsforst 4

His new record was spectacular and I think it's bringing him in some much deserved attention, but I'll always love Königsforst just that little bit more. This piece is a nice bookend to match the ambience, albeit a little warmer, it still suits me well.