Loose Lips

PICKS: Paul Blackford's Slow Train to Sandhurst Tracks


PICKS: Paul Blackford's Slow Train to Sandhurst Tracks

Beat-making is an odd, polarised artform; you sculpt these functional sonic structures for hours on end, and at the end of it the aim is to hand in something that encourages social warmth and human expression. The trick to keeping sane and making the goods is to maintain a steady passion for the music and people recorded within. This is clear in the work of Paul Blackford, a trip hop and electo-influenced artist who's been making beats for nearly 16 years now, culminating in the recent creative streak of glassy, moody electronica filling his soundcloud account. His picks for Loose Lips illustrate the locomotive world that inspires his work.

J Dilla - Won't Do

Everything about this track is perfect, I can't pick one favourite Dilla track but this comes pretty close. How the hell he managed to take Dick Hymans cover of Cilla Black's 'Alfie' and turn it into this masterpiece is beyond me, the guy was a genius!

Nujabes - Latitude

Many people have sampled Gigi Masin's awesome 'Clouds' track, but Nujabes really took it and may it his own. I love all the lush piano hip hop that Nujabes did and think it's got a timeless quality about it that makes it sound as fresh today as it did 15 years back.

Dr. Who Dat? - Braziliant Thought

This track was my introduction to Arthur Verocai. I made it a personal mission to trace where the amazing music in this track came from.

Mic Reckless – Pathways

I can't help but get slightly choked up when I listen to this track. It's really powerful, it reminds me that everyone is fighting their own personal battle and that unfortunately there are some people that loose that battle. 

A Tribe Called Quest - Rhythm (Devoted To The Art Of Moving Butts)

I have a lot of love for ATCQ, I own all their albums on wax and every one is a classic. I still remember hearing their stuff when I was really young and it's stuck with me through good and not so good times. It's a new decade, The Native Tongues are about to proceed with the usual lingo, The usual rhythm. 

Tony D - Come Back to You

Sometimes keeping it simple is the key to success. Tony D was a master of taking a short loop and making it epic, and there is no finer example than this beauty of a track.

Heltah Skeltah - Understand

You have to understand that I love the sound of a Rhodes piano and that Nocturnal is such an underrated album - its criminal!

Shut Up And Dance - So What You Smoking?

This track takes me back to carefree school days getting drunk, stoned and making mixtapes with my old X-Squad crew. 

DJ Quik - Tonite

This one is another classic, it's got that G Funk swag going on. DJ Quik was the soundtrack to an epic week I spent in Amsterdam back in day.

2Pac - Do For Love

Another classic that takes me back to simpler times, It's got a dope animated video as well. What’s not to love?