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PICKS: PAÀL's Tracks That Cressida Would Dance To


PICKS: PAÀL's Tracks That Cressida Would Dance To

Ahead of our 4th Anniversary extravaganza at Five Miles in London tomorrow, collaborating with VOITAX & UVB-76, we've got a cheeky little feature for ya...

PAÀL picks out those gems that would get his fellow-VOITAXIAN, Cressida, pulling out the finest moves you can imagine. They'll both be playing b2b tomorrow night, DON'T MISS IT!

Crystal Water  - Just A Freak

As the real Dennis RoadMan - Cressida would totally lose his shit this - hundert percent!

Leron Carson  - The Unkown 

I bet 150 euros that he’s gonna go mad from these kick and rims.

Scorn ‎– Dreamspace (Coil "Unstable Sidereal Oneiroscopic" Mix)

If he would have known this before he started making beats he would probably call this his biggest inspiration ever. This will definitely heat up Cressida’s breakdancing.

LFO - Freak 

I’ve sampled/ paused this song especially for that breakdown. This is one of these  parts when Cressida would jump out from a chilled kitchen table to tell everybody “Man I fucking love this breakdown - bruv, I  really I can’t get enough of this fucking slice sample machine.”

Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On

I watched Cressida cry a million times  while he was singing this tune on the balcony on hot, Berlin summer’s day. He even gave the whole crew a special concert on our Asia tour on the hotel roof while Christoph held him ‘neath his bosom.  Probably why Cressida calls himself Barœld now….