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PICKS: Oskar Szafraniec's 'Recent Favourites'


PICKS: Oskar Szafraniec's 'Recent Favourites'

Following the recent release of BUSZ™'s 'Dubai' Album Sampler on Beef Records, we asked 1/2 of the new mysterious duo, Oskar Szafraniec (the other half is Chilean legend, Pier Bucci), to pick out some tracks he's been addicted to recently!

Check out the Dubai album sampler here, which our resident Rommek remixed (available on vinyl):

Also, the entire 'Symmetry' album drops on 16th March and we've recently premiered one of the tracks forthcoming on that as well:

Anyway, here are Oskar's picks. Enjoy!

Russell Haswell - Special Long Version (Demo) feat. Sue Tompkins (Diagonal, 2018)

So funky, experimental, electro and noisy at same time, i just love it.

Stevn.aint.leavn - Peacherine (Planetary Notions, 2017)

I really like organic bubbles and deep mellow backgrounds. 

Mystik - Native Tongues (Modern Hypnosis, 2018)

Delays, delays and more delays!

Noha & Alex Tea - The Bamboo Dance (Panick Panick!, 2017)

Groove, can’t resist dancing.

Silat Beksi & Daniel Broesecke - Taboo (Vivus Records, 2018)

Lets keep it a taboo, a proper journey.

Coeo - Never Going Home (Slam City Jams, 2018)

Proper 90s electro vibe! 

Anton Pau - Endless Light (Vigi, 2018)

Anton is a very talented producer from Bulgaria, he takes us into our deepest dreams!

Phuture - We Are Future (Ricardo Villalobos II Remix) (Get Physical, 2018)

Quality - with those artists it couldn’t go wrong. Rework of a classic.

Sir Lord Commix - Azid Jazz (R-Time Records, 2018)

Because it's acid and it's jazz - can’t wait to play it out.

Befog - Res Amissa (Befog, 2018)


Donato Dozzy & Carola Pisaturo - B.b (Claque Musique, 2017)

The more often I listen, the more layers I spot on this track - proper!

Avatism - Bad Summer (Parachute, 2018)

Rave and MDMA!!

Zendid - Drive Now (Timeframe, 2018)

Machines talking to each other...robotic clicks.

Caustic - Message In A Box (Basic Moves, 2017)

More rave! Very old school, that's what I love.

Jacek Sienkiewicz - Su17 (Pets Recordings, 2018)

Classic Sienkiewicz sound.

Ys - Inside (Potatoheadz, 2018)

Electro I’d go mental to on the dance floor! So funky!

Bodin - Thermic Technology (Pressure Traxx, 2018)

Vocoder robots!