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PICKS: Nickodemus' Cinematic Travels


PICKS: Nickodemus' Cinematic Travels

Walking through the boxed-in days of standard urban life, from house to work to food and back again, it's those occasional 'entertainment' detours that let your mind escape upwards, clubs and cinemas whose machinery can bend horizons out of the way. For the last 25 years Nickodemus has been DJing across the globe, and gathering records to warm the musical climate of his native Brooklyn, where the head of Wonderwheel records has DJ'd since he was 14 years old. To celebrate the release of his new Latin-centric LP, today he shares a set of his favourite film-soundtrack selections, further fleshing out his travelling tastes.

A Change Gonna Come by Sam Cooke - Malcolm X

One of the heaviest scenes in the movie where Malcolm X, played by Densel Washington, is driving solo to the scene of his last speech. The tension is thick, yet they use a song that foreshadows the ending. Instant tears. 

Son of a Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield - Pulp Fiction

You can just smell the set up for trouble in the apartment when Vincent walks into the place looking for Mia. I always loved this song & this movie gave it such a rebirth. The whole soundtrack is perfectly placed.

The Boss by James Brown - Black Caeser

"Paid the cost to be the boss. Look at me, know what you see? See a bad mutha!" Even tho this movie way pre-dates me, if I saw that trailer & heard that track, I'd be on the 1st line to see the movie. 

Fight the Power by Public Enemy - Do the Right Thing

Public Enemy were already our hometown heroes, so when this trailer came out with this song, it lit up NY! The hot Summer, racial tensions, Hip Hop at its conscious peak with groups like PE, BDP, Jungle Brothers, X-Clan, Arrested Development. The timing couldn't be any better for this combo of film & music reflecting the times. 

What a Wonderful World by Louie Armstrong - Good Morning Vietnam

How the song can still find hope amidst the terrible times when it was made & again during the Vietnam War is the amazing thing about music's timelessness. The song is still so relevant today, but it's use in that film when Robin Williams was departing a lost cause, really hit home for me. It was one of the 1st songs I thought of when asked bout music in films because it had such an impact on me as a kid.  

The Godfather Waltz by Nino Rota - The Godfather

The multiple use & variations of this song are brilliant. It's mix of beauty and danger. There's no escaping your judgement. You can drop any of the numerous quotes from the movie over this song & they work. Try it. 

Rumble in the Jungle by Fugees feat Tribe Called Quest & Busta Rhymes - Rumble in the Jungle

Again, a huge Hip Hop fan feels the justice when their favorite group, and in the case groups, come together & have a song in a movie. Even better, the song was created to match Ali's legacy which we all grew up admiring & learning from. 

Mi Swing es Tropical by Nickodemus & Quantic feat Hector Tempo - Chef

This song already meant so much to me, but its use in the film Chef made us & so many more friends around the World celebrate that one of us can actually have a song in a film. It was a victory for the independent artists as well as Puerto Rico!

Yumeji's Theme by Shigeru Umebayashi - In the Mood for Love

I could never get sick of this song, even if they played it several times throughout the movie. It made the film stand still but in a good way. I can watch these subtle, sexually tense scenes over & over. 

Ederlezi by Goran Bregovic - Time of the Gypsies

This film was already jaw dropping & eye opening. Surreal and imaginative. A look into life in a village we could never imagine in our modern times. This song is as surreal & painful as the scenes in the movie. The entire soundtrack was made like foot to a sock with a massive whole in the toe. A must see.