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PICKS: Makaton's Krautrock Rhythms


PICKS: Makaton's Krautrock Rhythms

Do you want it darker? Do you??? We've got Makaton, the Birmingham Techno cult legend with 22 years of unique beats under his belt in, sharing a slice of his record collection that has influenced his sound (as displayed in sizzling live sets, alongside his imprint Rodz-Konez). We've gathered the tunes in this here Spotify playlist too. Enjoy!

Cluster is one of my favourite bands and Rosa is timeless. Never get bored listening to this, experimental, melodic and just beautiful.

Negativland, industrial, noise and Neu! rhythms, when I listen to this I hear 1000 other bands that have been influenced by it. 

I love the minimalism, Eno + Cluster the perfect collab in machine sounds.

Watussi from Harmonia's first LP Musik von Harmonia, it's basically Cluster and Neu! guitarist Rother together!! Cluster's experiments and Rother's noise guitar. Perfect.

Cluster again, honestly I could do 10 picks of Cluster alone. This one I like as it's quite mournful and reflective, different vibe than other uplifting Cluster stuff. It's like a puzzle you can't work out.

Could pick any Can track, they are all amazing. Liebezeit drumming is off the wall and upfront in this dictating the vibe.

Faust !!!! I love this.. has a garage MC5 feel, rough round the edges. Tribal, hypnotic drums, noise, EVERYTHING I love in a track.

Ash Ra / Tempel members, Klaus Shulze and Manuel Göttsching in this, mellow sessions, phasing rhythms, Kosmiche bebe! It's a trip.

Total gem of an LP, whole record is full of winners. Shuffling drum machines, reverbs and delayed guitars that Marr and his mum would be proud of!

Kronwinkl is just full of energy, interchangeble grooves which is so typical of this genre.