Loose Lips

PICKS: Loose Lips x 5RA’s Top Jungle Tracks


PICKS: Loose Lips x 5RA’s Top Jungle Tracks

Fire, thunder, chaos, rhythm, speed. Jungle. We usually invite individual guests to share themed Picks pieces, but for this edition the Loose Lips and 5RA Teams went B2B, vibing off a shared love for that hardest shaking, massive-est of genres, the sound that is jungle. (Shouts to Finn for the design!)

Finnegan Travers:

1. Splash - Babylon 

2. Lemon D - Manhattan Melody 

3. Third Party - Screwface

Guy Man:

1. Rising sons - Dreams Of You

2. Richie Brains - Bring Dat Back

3. D Bridge - China Blue


1. Top Gun - Ruffest Gun Ark (DJ Rap Remix)

2. DJ K - Respect 

3. Debaser - My Sound Rule 

Oliver Libby:

1. Jus-Ed - Come On And Dance 

2. Photek - T'Raenon

3. DJ Dextrous (Da Kings Of The Jungle) - Time To Move

Joel Baker:

1. Brandy - I Wanna Be Down (White Label 95 Remix)

2. DJ Krome and Mr Time - The License (Krome & Time Remix)

3. Danny Breaks - Firin’ Line (Origin Unknown Mix)