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PICKS: Loose Lips' Bandcamp Quarantine Essentials


PICKS: Loose Lips' Bandcamp Quarantine Essentials

Times are tough. Money is tight. Boris Johnson has promised things will be different this time, that the Tories won't screw over workers in the way they did last time we had an economic crash (having recently announced a budget not far off from that which they mocked Labour for a few months ago), but things won't get any easier for independent artists any time soon. Thankfully, the most artist-friendly platform, bandcamp, has decided to drop its fees for the day, so we thought it would be a great time to highlight a few of our favourite low key releases. If at all possible, please do reach into your pockets.

I own this on cassette and once listened to it twice in the row, with the volume on full and with the lights off, which means I deserve to live in a psychiatric ward. Give it a listen and you'll see what I mean.

"true to his insatiable avarice"

- Jack Hunter

I’m buzzing! Circula, the genius behind our first ever full solo release on the Loose Lips label, has just today dropped loads of his beautiful and mysterious jams from 2011-2015, because of Bandcamp’s efforts today to support struggling artists. 
Dubs galore from an old friend! Gritty, reminiscent of growing up in Devon, getting into bass music of all kinds.

- Medallion Man

One of those Joy O tracks everyone thought would never see the light of day, he’s released it on a sly one in order to give all the profits to Southwark Food Bank. Legendary move!

- Joel Baker

I actually punched the air when this was released on bandcamp, pure fucking warmth and idealism ready for anyone who needs something to sweeten the queue outside Iceland (it's a fuckin big one lads). Seriously though music isn't an artform its magic, turn to it now and take it seriously as medicine for the mental trials we face in the coming months. Also check out our Deep Cuts articles, for music plus that other special special medicine; human connection (via empathy). (This track features in our next Deep Cuts mix, out tomorrow).

- Will Soer

Due to corona he was cancelled at bangface. I cried tears of blood but they became low quality chalets in pointins instead of brick house's. Nothing like a high bpm firestarter to loose your fucking mind to, when you're self isolating and making your neighbours cry.

- Howard Made

Stars and Flowers is playful and dreamy and lets the mind wander off but at the same time requires my attention. It’s not just the glockenspiel's sweet melody, but the whole character of the track reminds me of a child: It’s friendly and joyful, but also restless, with its own mind, stretching itself into corners where it crunches and curiously exploring sounds and effects – what happens when I do this?

- Zuzana Friday

I need to buy a mic and soundcard for this quarantine. 

And am now without a job and in debt.

So close to doing the full Manson.

- Treece (aka Charlie Boy Manson)

I think the funniest meme I've seen these days about this whole Armageddon situation we now find ourselves in is one that says "I didn't know my lifestyle was called quarantine". These guys, on the other hand, from Almada-based Cuscus collective, must be having a hard time... they're super active, constantly throwing events or workshops or radio shows or making music. So pump up Pam.demi.CK's Frita Kali and dance as if it were 1967 in Ibiza. Kali is out there and she's mad. Stay safe everyone!

- Clara Tehrani

The first release to come out on the aptly-titled Perigo de Morte imprint run by Lisbon friends Heidy P & Vandi (aka Rhythm Phazer) is MALARIA! As the Canadian DJ-duo state, ‘The imprint features only the best re-takes on vintage post-punk dance music.’ And that’s what we’ve got here: a wavey bassline, some groovy clapping, vintage synth lines reminiscent of The Doors, and some good ole NY sax that rips a page from the sax maniac himself, James Chance. In this time of solitude, I’ve mostly found solace in dark dnb, but this one here does the trick, too, giving some analog warmth and leaving me with a bit more grit and hope.

- Max Dade

The last release to date from Faster Than Music that i've co-founded 2 years ago with brothers-in-arms DJ Sorry and Kronom is signed Rico Casazza, who's laid out 5 beautifuly crafted tracks for your auditory satisfaction. Favourite one on this is also the oldest one, made in the early 2010s, Next Millenium is a classy euphoric rush with the typical smoothness that Rico has perfected over the years. It also includes 3 remixes by Alavux, Penso Amor Digo Fúria and my homie Kronom. FTM has been a halt for a half year but there's lots of things coming
your way, we just had to step back to jump further!

- T-Scale