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PICKS: Lonely Drives of Dawn (2059)


PICKS: Lonely Drives of Dawn (2059)

The man behind this new masterpiece, 'Pussy From The Future', takes control of our PICKS feature this month, reflecting on his solitude...

A selection to save for your next lonely journey through dawn, whether it be after a lengthly pilgrimage through the night, or a timeless odyssey into a dystopian future.

1991 - No More Dreams I (No More Dreams, 2016)

Shaded Explorer, Månljus - Tillbaka Till Mälaren (Shaded Explorations, 2017)

Aleksi Perälä - Purple Rain (2007)

EOD - Agtowner (2011)

Malibu - Held (Pan, 2017)

Varg - No Knowledge of Sorrow or Regret (Semantica, 2015)

Svreca - Ebisu (Dasha Rush Remix) (Semantica, 2016)

Jon Hassell - Blues Nile (Lovely Music, Ltd., 1978)

Född Död - Utan Skugga (Northern Electronics, 2015)

Jocke & Elliot - Regnbågen (Kust Musik, 2010)